So i wrote an essay only to find out suggestions are gone so i only need feedback

Class Function/Class Diversities

Adding classes might make the game more interesting than just an mmorpg hack and slash type of game the leading examples might actually change AO significantly if added without a further delay lets talk about Class Function.

TL;DR: Adds Classes, New Attribute System, Arts, New Enemy Material Drop System, Dimensions, Overhaul Equipment/Items/Materials Ranking, Blacksmithing, Alchemy, Negative Attribute System and Corruption System, Wraiths and Altars, Mining and Foraging, Material Punishment System, Better Storage System, Island Overhaul Concepts, Guild Bases and Guild Ranks, Better Currency Concepts, Wilderness Overhaul/Dungeons, Wild Monsters/Animals, World Bosses, Weapon Diversities, And MORE

Class Function:
class function is easily understandable players can choose what class their characters specify in, note(once you choose a class it would be permanent for the character otherwise it could be a disastrous function) class specification is a pretty powerful function and for that function i was thinking class guilds for example to be able to choose a class one would need to go to a class guild which gives them a class quest.

Class Requirements:
picking a class should only be available at a certain level cause it wouldn’t make sense if you’re level one and your given a mission to kill trolls or rescue a person from the dark lord or something, i recommend level 45 cause its level which players have a hard time dealing with bandits but not that unreasonable that you can’t beat the quest.

Class Attribute Specification:
now for class attribute specification class attributes is a very important part of class function with class attribute specification you can level up easier or be more efficient with the class you so choose for example an archer needs the attribute agility for it needs to be fast and a paladin’s attribute should be defense so it can tank major damage, note(this would intentionally add more attributes and make other attributes completely useless because this would overhaul the whole stat system.

New Attributes Overhaul:
now for the new attributes examples for new attributes would be in this order (Strength, Agility, Defense, Intelligence, Luck, Dark, Light) this would simplify the old system making it more neater than the mess we have now this would make attribute point distribution more simpler every level up should scale hp by 1% and give 5 attribute points making the leveling system more adapted to the current era, now for the attribute description.

(strength would raise the physical prowess of the character aliviating (Physical power, Physical knockback, Strength Arts Mastery, Stamina, Defense.

Arts is the new definition of fighting styles for example in AA the shockwave style, Arts can be learned at Arts Masters scattered through out the whole word of AO the distribution of these masters is at the decision of vetex or other devs and ofcourse the type of arts is also at the mercy of either vetex or the devs, strength would also affect specified classes needing strength which would be further expanded at Class Diversities.

(Agility would also affect the following (Physical power, Physical power speed, Character speed, Magic conjure speed,Agility Arts mastery, Stamina, Magic Projectile Speed) very self explanatory but we wouldn’t be here without a thorough explanation physical power speed is basically just physical attack speed and character speed is just movement speed and magic conjure is basically just magic cast speed and Agility Arts Mastery needs more in depth explanation Agility Arts is another form of arts but for Agility type characters for example ninjas we would further expand Arts later.

(Vitality would affect the following attributes (Physical Damage Reduction, Magic Damage Reduction, Defense Arts Mastery, Physical power lethality, Defense Penetration) Defense is an all rounder making it the second hardest to master in terms of abillity and playability first and foremost Physical damage reduction very self explanatory reduces the physical damage by the % damage reduction for example the enemy will deal 1000 damage and you’re overall damage reduction is about 50% it would only deal 500 though if the enemy has defense penetration this would be counted by the defense penetrations likely and percentage for example the likelihood that defense penetration will effect is about 50% the there’s a 50/50 chance it would proc and if the defense penetrations damage percentage is 10% then the 500 damage would be 550 if you didn’t understand in a nutshell 1000 damage would be 500 because of defense but because of defense penetration it would be 550 understand? Lets move on magic damage reduction is the same as physical damage except its magic but some magic types might deal better damage to defense than other and the equipment itself comes into play for example your wearing a light type armor then dark weapons deal less damage than normal the same goes for dark armor understand? Okay Defense Arts Mastery is another form of arts which would be further expanded later physical power lethality is another form of physical power damage buff lethality is the likelihood that a random effect procs for example a hammer type weapons lethality is higher than a sword and there’s a chance if that hammer hits you would cause internal bleeding or a concussion leaving you on the ground for a time and defense penetration is the percentage of which the damage you deal ignores the enemies defense very simple.

(Intelligence the hardest to master attribute and the hardest to master attribute intelligence affect the following attributes (Magic Power, Magic conjure speed, Magic lethality, Magic Arts Mastery, Magic deviation chance, Magic Penetration, Zen Magic Deviation chance, Magic Size, Magic Projectile Speed) okay we have a lot to go through so lets start with Magic power very simple to understand dictates the amount of magic damage you deal on the opponent next is magic conjure speed basically magic cast speed next we have magic lethality okay magic lethality is a different kind of lethality as it corresponds with the magic the character uses for example lightning when an enemy is hit and lethality procs it tazes the victim leaving you on the ground and another example dark magic when an enemy is hit and lethality procs either the victim goes blind for several seconds or the victim mindlessly walk towards you and another example this lethality proc is different cause its both a buff and a debuff for those using light magic could proc overdrive giving the opponent a close to unlimited amount of mana but also dealing damage per second and everytime the opponent casts magic while overdrive is active it deals a phenomenal amount of damage 15% of the opponents health to be exact thats basically magic lethality next up is Magic Arts Mastery now i know what you’re wondering what’s in the canister i mean what Arts is possible for magic for it is an art itself well you see there are what you would call preference for example people would rather deal large amounts of damage while casting slowly than others which would like a faster cast but deals low damage an example of magic arts is Bites the dust now i know thats a certain reference but it corresponds with the arts bites the dust requires the magic magma, plasma, water to be able to be learned bites the dust exploits the slow moving projectiles by going back to the user or if an enemy is hit explodes and in the form of laser it goes backwards if an opponent is hit it home’s another nearby opponent chaining up to 5 opponents and in the form the ultimate of magic bites the dust can start at a specified opponent instead growing in power until it detonates okay that was a mouth full of references okay lets move on to magic deviation chance is a chance the magic you cast deviates and it could either be beneficial or not for example the deviation could cause the magic casted to chain like lightning or dissipates on a shorter distance very simple next up magic penetration very simple the amount of magic damage you deal that ignores the enemies defense next is Zen Magic Deviation Chance Zen is a different form of magic it can be considered an art but its most likely another form of magic itself now zen magic is optional for the devs because it might cause the magic system to be overhauled but either way I’ll explain zen magic is a form of magic that doesn’t use mana but the surrounding aura basically in a certain area zen magic will be present and that zen magic can be exhausted by other players basically its mana but shared this will inturn make the magic you cast a lot more aggressive and destructive but once the zen in the area is gone you’re a sitting duck in a pond full of crocodiles so zen magic deviation chance is basically a chance that one of your mana casted magic can turn into a zen counterpart instead very simple.

(Luck this is probably one of the most important stat to level why because of the following attributes it affects (Percentage of success, Likelihood of finding rare gear, Better Quality Percentage) okay you might be wondering how can luck be useful? Well its simple really its LUCK very simple)(Dark is a stat you can only increase if you have either joined an evil organization or have chosen a evil class Dark stats corresponds to the amount of dark magic you can deal to an enemy basically dark power is a very interesting concept for example dark magic might allow you to travel in places which can be dangerous to either neutral players and especially light magic users)(Light is a stat you can only increase if you have either joined a Church or have chosen a good class light stats corresponds to the amount of light magic you can deal to an enemy basically light power is a very interesting concept for example light magic might allow you to travel in places which can be dangerous to either neutral players and especially dark magic users) and thats about it for the new attributes now for arts.

Indepth Arts:
Arts is a style concept of AO now i know what you’re wondering what’s arts got to do with Class Function well simple it would be a more adventurous to try different arts for different classes cause unlike classes which is permanent you can change arts so the combination and possibilities of a better experience is high now Arts i don’t really have that many in mind so what would be fun is that any of you can reply and suggest a bunch of possible Arts think of this suggestion as a community suggestion.

New Enemy Material Drops:
Enemy Material Drops very self explanatory enemy mobs drop items that corresponds with their visible or invisible equipment/items for example a bandit wears bandit clothes but once the bandit is defeated the bandit clothe turns to a tattered cloth and its just an example but a mineral scorpion once defeated drops iron or in rare cases drops crystals the higher the level the higher the chances of rarer items dropping plus the luck attribute.

Dimension Possibilities:
there’s already a world revamp so why can’t there be a new dimension of sorts not really a new dimension but a new place like a cave that has ore deposits which can be mined with a pickaxe and the deeper it goes the rarer the deposits contain this would be beneficial to certain classes and another dimension that would be possibly added is the mystical forest this dimension contains a different reputation bar instead of evil and good it has deeds cause this dimension is inhabited by elves and dark elves at first entrance of the dimension you are of course neutral but if you do a quest on either side the other side will be you’re enemy basically you do a deed at the light elves you become an enemy of the dark elves and etc.

Class Diversities:
Class Diversities is a concept of different classes note(classes don’t interrupt with magic its just preferences) in the world of AO now im gonna list the most primary or likely and my reasons on why these classes should be added and the people could think of other classes that can be added as well okay the following primary and secondary classes


Archer>Assassin/Elven Archer/Ninja


Blacksmith>Elemental Blacksmith>Draconic Blacksmith

Alchemist>Magic Alchemist>Phoenix Fire Alchemist


Shield Bearer>Paladin/Shield Pantheon

Random Information:
Seems about right now time to go in depth with their characteristics and purpose i just wanted you all to know i enjoyed making this even if it doesn’t get added lets say its about the journey not the destination okay nouf said.

Swordsman is the standard strength type class basically an all rounder type once picked will give a sword skill called sword slash note(this ability follows you through anything counted as a sword anything else the skill doesn’t show) sword slash is the typical slash of wind in a pointed direction.

Warrior is a deviant class basically a class that deviated from swordsman the warrior focuses more on physical and health prowess rather than the all rounder swordsman by focusing on damage and health he deals alot more physical damage and acquires the ability downward smash first smashes the ground anybody hit by this will then be pulled in its center once the ground returns to normal.

The Samurai is another All rounder but focusing more on lethality by giving lethality a more likely proc a samurai could make you either bleed the whole battle or leave you on the ground limbless the samurai gains the ability Sword flash in a direction flashes and deals damage to anybody in the way if its a boss it collides instead dealing more damage this ability will 100% proc bleeding in players except if they have a shield then its 70% and if its a boss 35%.

The berserker this class is definitely not an all rounder focusing heavily on physical damage that health becomes a problem but by no means can it be underestimated if used correctly can turn an arrogant enemy regret they ever fought the berserker gains the ability rampage this is a class ability that sticks to the character instead of the weapon if used sacrifices health for damage while in this state health regen is non-existent but damage goes up by 40% and health goes down by 50% temporarily this state continues either if an opponent is killed or 1 minute has passed.

Archer the standard agility type class the archer is by no means an all rounder instead the class relies on its speed and the ability to camouflage in the forest but all most impossible to not bee seen in a plains the archer gains the ability homing projectile this ability can be found in any weapon that is either throw able or a bow/crossbow as the name suggests it guarantees a hit on the specified target no matter what they do except if they’re too far away that the arrow despawns before collision.

Assassin the shadow of the blade gaining the passive active ability to hide anywhere and gaining the passive ability backstab deals more damage if a target is hit behind 15% damage specifically defense is ignored the assassin will be able to take on assassin tasks you could say bounty hunting since its an assassin reputation won’t go down if the task is taken.

Elven Archer:
Elven archer if you had a bow from the start then it is replaced by an magic bow dealing magic damage that corresponds with the players magic for example if the players magic is fire gains a mystical fire bow not a regular old magical fire bow any ability of the magic can be used using the bow for example am aoe spell will activate delayedly on the spot which the arrow landed making it easier to hit pillar types of aoe the Elven archer gains the ability Elven Mark the ability guarantees a hit on the target if the target is hit again for 5 times deals the same damage as if you were hit 5 times.

Ninja similar to the assassin but they are different over all the ninja can hide in darkness better than most people able to climb high places faster than most as well gaining the ability Death mark once a target is found the character homes the victim can be interupted if seen fast enough once the character collides with the victim deals 50% temporary damage for 10 seconds once 10 seconds is over victim recovers the 50% not counting the damage dealt by then.

Sorcerer is the standard class for intelligence users focusing on mana and anything magic related these people have the hardest gameplay for being solely reliant on magic if faced on close quarter combat you are a sitting duck on a very enclosed space full of hungry crocodiles but the amount of damage a Sorcerer deals makes up for its very low health scaling the very weakest in terms of health but the most powerful in terms of magic prowess gaining the passive ability Sorcerer’s delight 5% faster magic conjure rate 10% magic power 5% magic lethality is a very decent pay off, Wizard focusing on magic conjure rate this class has the fastest magic conjure rate possible gaining the ability “Verge of Light” Gaining close to infinite mana and magic conjure rate goes up to 80% near instant and gaining character speed up to 20% faster than normal a perfect for those that like to overwhelm opponents.

Mage the damage that deals the most out of any other class but also has a very predictable attack pattern the mage gains the ability External Force the ability summons walls that closes towards the center once at the very limit the walls shut dealing phenomenal damage to anybody inside this damage reduces by 5% scaled by the amount of people inside and minimizing at 10% magic damage the percent starts at 80% of damage.

Witch the most self sufficient magic user of all the classes witches have staffs that has a passive of 10% Magic Power 10% Magic conjure rate 10% magic lethality the other ability of the witch is to summon elemental golems that corresponds to the magic the user is used.

Blacksmith now i know what you’re thinking there’s already a blacksmith npc in the game but player made is a lot more special than those sold at the npc blacksmith the thing is the weapons sold at the npc blacksmiths don’t really have anything special within them their more or less starting equipment now this class is why i requested the mob drops and mining feature because player made items can only be made by players you can’t find them in treasures unlike items you find at treasure chests so a smithing function is that blacksmiths will be able to make weapons anywhere that there’s an anvil or they could purchase an anvil at the blacksmith npc the anvil can only be bought by blacksmiths and blacksmiths are the only class that can make player made items for example mixing a crystal shard with iron makes a sturdy crystal sword but by adding stones called enhancement stones the quality is raised by 1 if the enhancement fails the weapon breaks and also if the weapon failed to be made it also breaks thus why luck comes in to play note(other classes could still upgrade the weapon but cannot enhance it) the higher the luck the more likely the weapon is made and the enhancement is successful these weapons can be used by the blacksmith.The ability gained by the blacksmith will which gives the player a forging hammer to create destroy salvage gear, The main concept of a player blacksmith is that so players would seek out better gear but only blacksmiths are able to do that since well thats their occupation, the blacksmiths main role is to craft weapons and equipment to either sell or to use for themselves the blacksmith does this by forging, Forging is simple to explain basically the outcome of the weapon and its quality isn’t determined by the materials themselves three variables are needed to be met for this, First and foremost the quality and rarity of the material used, second is the rank of the Player and its hammer, and thirdly the precision and skill of the player basically forging an item have this minigame on which the player would click at the right time at right moment just like the fishing in stardew valley.

Elemental Blacksmith:
Elemental blacksmith the upgraded version of the blacksmith the same as the blacksmith really except its able to make magic amplified items for example making a water sword is combining a ocean steel with a sea shard makes a water sword or katana or axe depending on the user really making a very random meta.

New Weapon/Equipment Ranking:
now’s probably the time to say about the ranking of weapons the ranking is as follows(Common 80%, Uncommon 50%, Rare 40%, Super Rare 30%, Epic 10%, Ultra Epic 5%, Legendary 2%, Mythical 1%) this could all be scaled depending on the materials used and the mastery of forging and level of luck.

Blacksmith Rank System:
mastery of forging ranks is as follows(Intern, Intermediate, Experienced, Veteran, Master, Legendary Master) by each level the forging hammer levels up as well corresponding with the mastery level from(Interns hammer, Intermediates hammer, Experienced Hammer, Veterans Hammer, Masters Hammer, Legendary Masters Hammer) all changing the hammers look.

Draconic Blacksmith:
Draconic Blacksmith the same as both of the blacksmiths but can use a dragons heart to make a Draconic weapon a draconic weapon is guaranteed to be at least epic the draconic weapon can summon the voice of dragons by blasting a dragon like projectile at an enemy all the weapon types corresponds with different type of dragons and the hearts can be found as mob loot from dragons the heart ranking is as goes(Wyvern, Dragon, Celestial Dragon) depending on the heart makes the dragon like projectile a lot more cooler than the previous dragon, dragon items are ranks for weapons than a weapon itself though it could be.

Alchemist really simple class really it has some similarities with the blacksmith but instead of weapons the alchemist can make the following (Tonic, Scrolls, Pills) The ability gained by the alchemist is that magic lethality procs even more 30% of the time.

lets start with the tonic tonics are actually just potions like health potions all temporary attributes can be added by tonics for example if you Consumed a health regen tonic health regen is amplified by how great of a level the tonic is, Tonics, Scrolls, Pills are all Auction able.

Alchemy Quality Ranking:
(Bad Quality, Good Quality, Great Quality, Super Quality) all of the qualities amplify the tonics effects then the scrolls

scrolls could be useful in a more situational habitat basically scrolls could save you from near death experience or by casting off brand spells like light swords or the citadel of darkness.

then we have pills pills could be another way of levelling up cause now instead of players relying solely on the xp system players could use pills to gain xp the better quality the pill is the greater quantity the xp gained.

Pill Anti Abuse System:
I know what you’re wondering this could be abused but there is a catch if you aren’t strong enough for example a level 1 character consumes a Super quality pill thats enough for 20 levels there’s a 70% it will fail and leading you’re character to have the debuff crippled and xp gained while crippled is active is 60% less than what you get normally its a high risk high reward thing and you can’t consume any form of pills while the debuff crippled is active if you do consume a pill at this time you will die from exhaustion if you had a level at this point for example you died from pill exhaustion at level 10 for punishment a level should be deducted the amount of levels deducted corresponds directly to the cause of the crippled debuff pill crippling has 4 levels that corresponds to the quality of the pill that the player failed to consume and at the very max cripple takes away 4 level locking previous learned magic or by casting magic not of your level gives magic exhaustion whilst in this state magic will be casted taking away health while magic exhaustion is active so pills are really just a gamble if you are of lower level of the requirement to consume the pill.

Magic Alchemist:
Magic Alchemist the same as the normal one except for the ability to concoct magic pills these pills are more riskier than the regular pills but these pills interact with the attribute system by giving 1 attribute point by any quality its just the percentage of likelihood changes by quality these pills are all 50/50 no matter the level if it fails the pill is destroyed and the character gets the debuff crippled for a time.

Phoenix Fire Alchemist:
The Phoenix Fire Alchemist is the same as the previous except the class can make the Phoenix Tonic, Scroll, Pill these are very special items most people wouldn’t have basically the chances of getting any of these is 1% but the benefits are extra ordinary first of all a Phoenix Tonic Makes you undying for awhile, The scroll summons the Eternal Phoenix itself, The pill Grants both XP and Attribute Points but the aftershock is disastrous for 6 hours of real time cannot gain XP and guarantees 12 hours if you consume it without the level requirement but even with the level requirement if it fails good luck with 12 hours of no XP.

Priest the very top of the support classes by giving certain buffs using the holy staff could support oneself or the others the higher the rank the better the staff and more of the abilities unlocked at the very first level the staff gains the ability “Prayers blessing” up to 4 players/npc buffs them for 2 minutes with 10% Magic Power/Physical Power and 5% Defense.

Bishop just like the priest except gains the passive and active ability called A true devotee passive Mana regen 5% Mana conjure rate 5% Magic power 5% and the active skill “Seraphim’s voice” up to 2 player/npc buffs them for 1 minute with 15% Magic power 10% Physical power 5% Defense 5% Mana regen 5% Lethality.

Cardinal the same as the previous except gaining the ability “Lords Judgement” in a wide area aoe strikes in the area teammates are buffed with “Seraphim’s Voice” for enemies deals 20% max hp scales by how much enemies the more opponents there are the less effective scaling by 2% for every enemy capping at 10%.

Shield Bearer:
Shield Bearer the standard defense class the hardest to kill class temporarily unless one of you suddenly suggests a class that could topple it okay lets start with being the hardest to kill class it should have a defense skill right? Ney it has a passive skill and an active skill first the passive skill is the ability to wield heavy shields.

Heavy Shields & Shield Bearer:
heavy shields is a different form of shields as it is both an attack and a defense once equipped damage reduction deducts 40% of incoming damage and all heavy shields have chains connected to their top part heavy shields are thick and the sides always have different spikes for the attack function grabs the chains and left click to turn the shield into a mace magic spells can be used whilst using the shield mace for example a fire blast is used the the next attack is empowered if collision struck physical damage and magic damage corresponding to the ability used procs and if no collision is detected at the very last second fires the spell then the active ability called Shields might 4 phantom shields surround the player once a phantom shield is struck turns to a fragment shield once struck again flies towards said breaker of the fragments once one shield breaks all other phantom shields dissipates.

Paladin this is gonna be short gaining the ability to use the sword along side a heavy shield but losing the ability to use it as a mace any sword that the paladin uses goes up in size fitting for the heavy shield and gaining the ability to go on an astral state at this state the paladin is nigh close to be invincible within 30 second astral state buffs the player by 75% Damage reduction to any attack and gaining 50% Lethality all of this within a 30 second time spawn after the ability an aftershock happens losing character speed by 20% and losing all of the damage reduction.

Shield Pantheon:
Shield Pantheon Losing the ability to wield heavy shields instead gaining the ability to wear Spartan Equipment if the player has an incomplete set ability isn’t gained but once a complete set is made gaining a passive ability and an active ability the passive ability is given to the player called “Unmoving Will” giving the chance an attack at you to be returned back stronger this is guaranteed once every 6 confirmed hits against you is detected and after that gaining the active ability “The Warriors Past” Summoning warriors of the past on a phalanx around the player enemy players/npc cannot enter this phalanx they get knocked back by shields or be stabbed by a spear if not they get knockback by a shield and a spear thrown at them rarely this ability is active until health is insufficient or the ability doesn’t detect enemies anymore.


Overhaul well technically this is the summarize of the New proposed Attribute system and arts and more, lets start with the new attributes

New Negative Attribute System:
Okay attributes themselves but what about negative attributes i think we can call this Corruption the higher the corruption per say just like the planned insanity gives you negative feed back from the game for example a high amount of insanity can be deadly to the player for more of a challenge adding wraiths that chase the players when corruption is high enough to make them visible basically wraiths show up to corrupted players and uncorrupted players can’t see this just like phantoms in minecraft and to counter corruption.

We can have save points or spawn points called the Light altar and those that gives in to the corruption can go to an Dark altar this won’t make the wraiths not attack you but wraiths deal less damage to you the level of corruption follows maybe like this.

Corruption Ranking:
(Mildly Corrupted, Slightly Corrupted, Corrupted, Insanely Corrupted, Consumed by Corruption)

Wraiths & More Concept:
Wraiths start appearing at Slightly Corrupted and then once corrupted Elite Wraiths show up at insanely corrupted a new type of wraith show up called Follower of darkness grotesque monsters if you played dark souls before have you seen the Gaping dragon yeah that type of monster and once you are consumed by corruption the father of corruption shows up rarely to try to kill you an altar won’t save you from this no matter the type, and another dark souls inspired item is an estus flask not really an estus flask but either you can buy them from a general store or an alchemist this can be refilled by the altar this would cause you to lose 50% health so be careful refilling at the wrong moment might kill you.

Fixed Price Selling:
Fixed price selling is a better system from the market auction we have basically weapons sold at the market is sold at a fixed price for example a dagger can be sold for 30 galleons the item is then sold that item is then sent to the markets inventory and sold at a higher fixed price this could inturn replace the auction market for a new auction concept.

Arts well is hard to explain because Arts could literally be created by insight basically if you think its possible it could be possible like samurai style of slashing that deals more lethality rather than regular slashes of course this would inturn make new animations for the Arts it represents like judo or taekwondo could be possible but i can’t really explain what these do since its really hard so it’d be nice if people could come together to give insight to the devs on what could be added so im leaving arts to all of you’re hands.

Mining and Foraging For Adventurous Benefits:
Mining and Foraging this two concepts are a requirement for an mmorpg or not but if these two would be added for example certain islands have this material but it doesn’t have this material forcing the players to use the boats rather than just farming in a single island forcing players to adventure the whole world of AO on the hopes of finding something new and the more deeper they go into islands mastering the island itself but also giving more depth to the islands could turn mastering the island to a hell game for example should i risk going deeper in the forest/cave and die lose all my items or stay here where its safer forcing player to think before they act.

Heart Of The Island:
At the very center of a MainLand should have the heart of the forest/cave a very valuable item for both the Alchemist/Blacksmith these classes rely on this heart to be able to upgrade their class to the next level and once a heart is taken a portal opens.

Dimensional Concept:
to either the mystical forest or the Ancient Deep that is its own dimension itself which might make players dive deep into exploration rather than just being a sweaty ranker.

Material Punishment Concept:
And the concept of losing materials should also be introduced items can’t be lost but materials should all be lost once dead to make players actually have challenge.

Better Storage Concept:
Dealing with inventory a problem also lies within inventory you should limit the inventory space but introduce either backpacks or spacial rings, spacial rings would inhabit a ring slot for having more storage than the common backpack which can just be used without a slot this would also make the game actually worry about space and should constantly be aware that they have storage an inventory and if those that neglect this fact would be in a situation where would they drop a full stack of crystals for a magiore a type of new ore i made up at that point players would worry about this stuff that they neglected before.

Market Auction Concept:
Auction yes this feature might be more interesting than you think just imagine people fighting over a sword by way of galleons instead of the normal conflict the concept is that once a players wants to auction some of his owned items all the players in the server is given a notice to join in 1 minute before the auction starts if nobody joins the auction then it is abolished and retry able after 5 minutes if a successful auction is created then this scenario happens if for example the minimum bidding price is 3000 galleons and player 1 wants it he then bids 3100 but there’s also player 2 which then bids 3600 then player 3 etc the bidding ends until no one is able to outbid the other but also the players are informed of the weapon and its quality before auction so that players won’t just join a random auction without even wanting an item in the first place and there’s also the problem of troll bidders but that’s just part of auction this feature would inturn make guilds a lot more interesting why? Head hunting of course people would wan’t this people that dedicates their whole character to either Alchemy/Smithing of course joining a guild benefits you but you could also flex the weapon and make people chase you or something people could create 3 different characters but people are lazy and only by painstaking hardwork you can be a great blacksmith/Alchemist you could even write your name in history, The amount of money you make will always be taxed for example a full 100% profit is 500,000 Galleons for starting the auction itself 10% cut from the 500,000 leaving it 450,000 then the market auctions cut is 10% leaving what you earned exactly 400,000.

Flaw In The System:
Purchases should not involve pay to win, animations themselves is good enough but xp boosts and currency is not a very good way of making an game fair for people this kind of pay to win will ruin the game, people could either cooperate with others or do it themselves.

Guild Bases:
Guild bases okay this is what made me excited is that make fixed guild houses basically fixed guild houses all over the world of AO people could teleport here or summoned there fixed guild houses is what you’d think, the first part of guild houses is a guild plot basically all over the world of AO these guild plots make it so that you can build a guild house and people could do whatever they want with these guild houses basically either a default house that is made by the devs.

Guild Rank Concept:
Guild bases would also introduce guild ranks guild ranks you say? The higher the rank of the guild the bigger the guild house is only guild leaders could create theses houses on servers a low ranked member cannot and the higher the level of the guild the better rewards for example guild raids guild daily rewards and so on.

since the devs are already making hireable npcs this is a great opportunity to introduce familiars what are familiars you say? Simple these are creature like a griffin or pets except they’re actually useful why? They could either find items for you or fight for you a great companion is also the greatest friend you’ll ever have.

Climate Aura:
Climate aura Effects its very simple some islands have different aura climate than others for example a desert has a hot aura climate while a snowy one has a cold aura climate and places like a cemetery has a dark aura climate kinda of thing.

Wilderness Overhaul:
Okay hear me out since the world of AO is currently getting revamped probably a good time to suggest Wild Dungeons basically dungeons that appear and dissapear in the wild for example, The tomb of the ancients once entered sends the player down the tomb and then the player will either die or dungeon bunker the whole dungeon, dungeon difficulty scales with the level of the player and the amount of players entering the dungeon for example a whole guild of 10 players and the top levelled person is 100 and then the lowest levelled person is 10 the dungeon will count the amount of people level 100 and adjust difficulty with them ignoring lower level players this would inturn avoid abusive dungeon busting most monsters in a dungeon is either stronger than the player or equal avoiding easy dungeon busting, and dungeons disappear after 5 minutes after spawning, spawn rates is up to ya’ll, and of course dungeons don’t have a fixed spawnpoint also avoiding dungeon camping basically in a whole island dungeons could spawn in any part of that island except of course the borders, dungeon rates is up to you but dungeon probability is 50/50 for example dungeon rates is 1 hour per dungeon after 1 hour a dungeon could either spawn or not avoiding island camping.

Wild Monsters/Animals:
With monster drops this is also a good time to introduce wild monsters other than bandits for example Boars or something or even spiders any wild creatures that could pose a threat to the player if not handled correctly, Sea monsters are a good example just imagine a super rare World Boss called “The LEVIATHAN” just a big dragon like sea monster and just imagine the whole server tryin to kill such a beast.

Weapon Diversities
Weapons are a major part of Battling in AO so a diversity between them could potentially be a preference rather than a sword is better than a battle axe but instead its about preference for players more weapon diversities could place some players in their weapon zone basically player 1 like swords but player 2 like a rapier thus there’s no weapon heirarchy, The community could just add more weapon suggestions and point out the weapons class so that its a lot more descriptive rather than if this suggestion does get added the devs don’t have to specify them the community did.

Level Milestone Rewards
Okay there’s a lot of controversy of how much health a player gains per level well this concept will make things a lot better for milestone rewards, okay lets start of with the amount of health a player gets per milestone so for making things simpler lets just go by this for example the health of a player starts at 100 this is 100% of the health of the player so why not just scale it? For example 100 is 100% and next level milestone raises it by 100% so 200 and next level up 99% which raises it by 299 and if you have equipment then the amount of health you have is then scaled to fit the outcome and i know this has a problem you could have a low tier armor thats better at scaling health than what you have currently then you unequip it after the milestone then the just make it so that the armor itself can’t scale the health but once equiped then it scales the health for example you have currently health that is 100 and you have an armor that raises that by 50 then it is 150 if you had a milestone and the scale is 100% then it is 250 if the armor is then unequiped then the health corresponding to the armor is deducted, the first level milestone should scale health by 100% then the next 90% the next 85% the next 70%, 65%, 50%, 45%, 30%, 25%, 10%, 5%, 5% would be the very minimum by then you should be level 12 with 675 health without armor and by then it just scales by 5 with the occasional 10% at every 10 milestone, Attribute points is a bit tricky but since there’s 7 attributes 3 attribute points every 5 level milestone and 1 every regular milestone.

Melee Combat Revamp Concept
Right now Melee combat is pretty irrelevant considering its hard to hit a spear or use the sword slash currently a revamp concept might be more inspiring, So melee doesn’t seem to be relevant at the moment could change since vetex himself is currently revamping the melee combat system so this is just some concepts, Okay lets start with Parrying yes parrying is very clunky right now and the fast swing of the weapons is to blame seriously matching a strike from another player is nigh impossible so the only way to fix this is that parrying could be a form of magic instead basically once equipped with a sword could have a skill for the sword called parry which the player casts either a magic shield or empowers the sword to protect the player on first strike hit physically both of this would stun the opposing player giving the player a chance to perform a combo, okay im not gonna lie but dark souls is what pops up most of the time when i think about sword pvp but as much as id hope its not possible with how AO works and it would never be possible AO is too past faced than Dark souls but another form of melee pvp could awaken you see the player strikes the sword without moving basically you can slash without moving from one place to another but what if any kind of melee slash would make the player move? This would change the animations but basically rolling around the enemy constantly moving the hit the enemy with a melee combo and firing magic spells sounds like the dream battle doesn’t it? This would give lower levelled players a chance at fighting people slightly stronger than them.

ZEN Magic:warning:
This is just a potential new type of magic that brings new type of possibilities this is the most unlikely thing to be added to AO, though its kinda a community thing if the community would like to know my thoughts on ZEN magic then go for it but until then this remains unknown.


Yeah I don’t think I have the brain capacity to read all that


God damn, such a shame you’ll be beaten and arrested by the mods for making a suggestion :pensive:

And theres a reason why people format and separate suggestions when suggestions category used to exist. Don’t just lump one idea into a giant ass paragraph and expect people not to be overwhelmed.



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I do and I will read it

why not collapse these TwT


True but i got no idea how so i just went for it

The guy who suggested drugs 2.0 except now the drugs are for xp

good suggestion, read it all but prepare to be beaten up by people who think your suggestion is trash and too lengthy

I already prepared my soul and body for this no problem

Wait drugs? When did that happen?

I read basically all of it, and I can tell you what I think of it as an idea for the game, and the gist of it is that it aims to turn the game into a bland, convoluted, cookie-cutter mmorpg type of game you would find on your phone, with heaps of poorly thought out content with the goal of overwhelming you into thinking it’s a grand and deep game while it’s quite the opposite, and it couldn’t be more average and thus boring in every regard.

The stat system

You say it’s supposed to simplify the current system but I disagree.
Each stat does a plethora of different things, with many of them overlapping between stats and their usefulness varies. It is incredibly convoluted, and not to mention the very bland names that you could find in basically any other RPG type game.

The classes

The theme of cookie-cutter design is present here as well, choosing a stereotypical class once and progressing it and later getting a subclass is much more bland that what is currently planned.
There is a lot of text here explaining the various classes, but I don’t think it’s that important because I dislike the entire idea of such a class system.

Material drops, Mining, Foraging, Dimensions, Familiars etc.

These all follow the theme of “poorly thought out and bland mechanic from a mobile mmorpg that is meant to look like there are many unique things to do, while providing minimal novelty and seeming uninspired at best”.

The features building of of other parts of the suggestion

Things like scrolls, pills, Heart of the Island fall in here. They are built on top of other parts of the suggestion and I don’t think they’re relevant when the parts they’re coming from are not that good either way.

Other things that rebrand existing/planned concepts

The subclasses replace professions and corruption replaces insanity with some changes. Guild halls, a melee revamp, giant monsters, and auctions are all already planned.
These systems already exist and have planned out features for them, while it would be nic eto be able to suggest changes for them, why rebrand them entirely?
The rebranding also seems to aim to steer everything in the direction of the “overly convoluted mobile mmorpg” I keep talking about, it just doesn’t fit the established feel of the game and franchise, and is trying to replace good and unique systems with bland and overdone ones you would find in many other games.


I don’t like the ideas at all, I already said that they seem bland, boring and uninspired to me, so I won’t repeat that much longer.
Now this could be only me, and while I doubt that’s the case, I’m open to being wrong at any time.
You said somewhere that “it’s about the journey, not the destination”, refering to your writing process for the entire thing, so I hope you enjoyed writing this at the very least.

Also this, lmao:

80% + 50% + 40% + 30% + 10% + 5% + 2% + 1% = 218%

I skipped reading most of the numbers after seeing this, figured they’d be prone to these types of errors as well so I didn’t bother trying to interpret them when they could be uninterpretable.


There’s absolutely no way I’m reading all that, but just from skimming through it, it looks like you are trying to turn an mmo where pvp isn’t exactly the most important thing but still very important to solo rpgs where balancing doesnt matter, where luck dictates everything, etc.


Sorry to meme all of your effort, but this should literally be called the WoMmunist Manifesto. I’ve never seen something so long.


This is sad