So I'm apart of doge nation and just think some of our members are giving it a bad name than it already has

Just an opinion because I don’t want to sound like a jackass.

bro what is the doge nation

Probably a nation of doges

You don’t know what doge nation is?

How do so many people on the forums have no idea what doge nation is

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Surreal to think about

Doge nation is beyond “bad name”, And the leader himself gives it a horrible reputation


do u mind explaining it cuz i have no clue what they are

what do you want me to explain?

They have some goated pvpers (Mainly brady and xev), their leader is not a likeable person, and they ruin other guild events.

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Ok so what I’m starting to understand is that it consists of good pvpers and toxic members got it

Will doge nation be active in AO


The only thing I know is that people like to defend it for some reason

I don’t condole in ruining events


Why do people hate doge nation. All I knew that the hated the leader and such

Yeah, not legit reason to hate the members.

Bro you saw one person defending Doge and it was the Co-leader. No shit they are gonna deffend it.

Literally just read what I said.

I did not say that. As far as I’m aware their members are cool.