So Is AO Gonna Have A Gacha System?

As most of you have already known, NPC crews will be a thing in AO and that you can recruit them. One thing that scratches my mind though is that how are we gonna recruit them. Will we be able to let’s say, hire npc crews manually like choosing who we recruit and stuff or will it be like a gacha system.

If it became a gacha system, I wonder how it would look like. Personally, I have an idea of having to talk to an npc who we can ask to spread 1x or 10x posters saying that you’re looking for crew members and then crew npcs will just come automatically. But man, if vetex does make it into a gacha system, cant wait to gamble and get all the five-star crewmates lol.


dUrR aO sHoUlD hAvE a GaChA sYsTeM


I don’t really think so

but I hope not

What is a Gacha system?

Yes and only have four-stars or five-stars as the ratings.

Similar to gambling and hope you get something good.

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Oh yeah, I could just use another example. If ever you’ve went to an arcade and found a vending machine that has those capsule thingies, it’s pretty much like that. You pay and hope you get a good item I guess, though you get something everytime.

Fuck no.

Watch as vetex adds the gacha system for monetization.

P2W? Oh hell no. Absolutely the fuck not.

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Probably won’t have one. As spinning stuff in games has proven to be horrible in my opinion. * cough cough Shindo Life cough cough *

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I’m always absurdly lucky with Gacha, so I always get a gacha game that one of my friends had and roll for the character they want and then flex to them that I got it after 5 rolls when they’ve rolled hundreds

Oh, that’s because Shindo Life implemented a bad gacha system. You shouldn’t lose your current thing just to get another thing, otherwise, people would less likely to use the gacha system once they found something they like. Good gacha systems are when you collect stuffs and not lose them in exchange for getting other stuffs. Pity systems also makes them even better as it encourages people to use the gacha system more as well as pay more money just to increase the pity points.

Give me a good gacha game to play please.

Genshin Impact, an open-world game with good quality. Sure people may call it a Breath of the Wilf rip off but at least it added some good features such as the elements and their interactions and waifus.

no lol

Gambling’s fun though. But yeah, I can understand why it shouldn’t be a gacha system lol.

Genshin Impacts Gacha system is alright. No hate to it but Gacha systems dont feel right in AO

Gacharne Spindyssey moment