Soap's Sea Yard Sale (Currently Inactive)

Soap's Sea Yard Sale (Currently Inactive)
convenience 5.0 2 fairness 5.0 2 trustworthiness 5.0 2

DM me through the Vetex server for faster response. I log every transaction.
OrganicGalaxySoap#4239 (500+ hour total 3rd gen)
Fairly new active trader. Currently looking for a headless offer for my sunkens or seasonals.

Needs update. Will do it soon.

1 Strong Sunken Sword
3 Clean Sunken Sword
3 Clean Sunken Helmets
1 Nimble Sunken Leggings
1 Clean Sunken Leggings

4 Death crowns
4 Mini cauldrons
2 Skull chains
5 Headwraps
7 Pumpkin fedoras
6 Omen masks
1 skeleton wizard hat
2 candy corn beanies

Boss Drops (Armor):
1 King Calvus Chestplate
2 King Calvus Boots
2 King Calvus Crowns
2 Lady Carina Leggings
3 Lady Carina Pauldrons
1 Lady Carina Dounts
1 Lady Carina Faulds
1 Cernyx Robe
1 Cernyx Faulds
1 Cernyx Amulet
1 General Argos Helmet
1 General Argos Cape
1 Lord Ellius Chestplate
2 Lord Ellius Boots

Boss Drops (Weapons):
1 Swift Scimitars of Storm (Lord Ellius)
1 Bursting Noble Thunderspear (Lord Ellius)
1 Stormcaller (Lord Ellius)
1 Lion’s Halberd (General Argos)
2 Triasta of Bronze (King Calvus)

2 Pulsar Rare Spell Scroll
4 Axe-Slash Rare Technique Scroll
1 Vindicator
Enchant Scrolls:
4x Strong
3x Hard
2x Swift
4x Bursting
3x Amplified
3x Nimble
3x Magnetic
3x Luring
3x Lucky
1x Sturdy

First major transaction. 6 swords and 26 seasonals lot for headless.

I’ll go through my clips later of the seasonal trades bc I’m tired rn.

good doing business bro

@OrganicGalaxySoap what happened to your items considering this bro had exploited stuff?

If the mods contacted him he should have had to wipe his headless in return for the stuff he had offered

Supposedly yeah but I wanna know if that was actually the case


should i contact a mod about the headless then? he already seemed kinda sus, like being a 4th gen, but i thought nothing of it unfortunately

Yes bc bro got banned for having some exploit’s code visible in one of his posts

damnn can you link it aswell i was gone for awhile