Some thing you would ask god to change about humans

like anything at all, idc just list em i need ideas.


have them use their brain more


I’d ask god to replace humans with fursonas and then everyone who’s already alive will magically get transformed into an anthropomorphic version of their favorite animal (or one that matches their personality best), fictional species like dragons and protogens are also completely valid and you have the chance to turn into one if you don’t have a favorite animal.

I would do this solely out of malice.

Also I’d turn into my omnipotent god OC just so I can troll the earth and abuse my powers

If I had to do something beneficial though I guess I’d just ask god to overall increase our emotional intelligence and completely eliminate certain developmental disorders like down syndrome and psychopathy (people who have these conditions get automatically cured)

remove feet

remove the fucking split streams you get while pissing that make you miss, also america too op plz nerf


you have absolutely no idea how based you are for bringing this up

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good to know i aint alone

so many innocent toilet seats… tainted by my dark sea rain…


giving the next person to sit down without checking insanity 5

man I love it when I needa use a public restroom and as I sit down to take a dump I feel that cold piss puddle touch me and now my asscheek has the atlantean modifier


Make it so everyone constant has that itchy feeling that feels like it is under your skin and is unreachable.

Make it so everyone always feels like they need to pee, no matter how much they pee or even if they don’t actually have to go, they will always feel like they have to pee

you sir are an asshole

thats just mean

I knew someone was going to say it, didn’t expect it to be you though

Gotta keep the opps guessing yknow


character customisation screen once a month that lets you look however you want, yes this would include furries and amorphous gases


ngl the 2nd most valuable one listed yet

also please nerf britain to op with breath ability