Someone tell me everything that will be reset when AO comes out

Make sure to tell me EVERYTHING. Leave nothing out

some stuff will be reset, some removed, some added, and some the same.


  • Guilds
  • Reputation
  • File Magics
  • File Names
  • Level
  • Money (?)

I don’t think that’s all tho

will levels be reset?


damn so whats the point of doing anything before AO?

Fishing for sunkens or stocking up on weapons and armor for saves

you do not lose your objects what is important

Farm codes
Buy a bunch of shit
Well it when AO drops

Everything will reset expect for stats and items I believe

levels being reset so stats are being reset

boss drop compensation is a thing so there’s that incentive, i plan to farm a lot of bosses farming right before ao drops like a week or 2 prior and just my spend time

aside from that i’m just making sure my characters have builds that fit their gimmicks. however i might have to redo them since the new stats are this now:

this might mean i can wear wizard armor as a strength user technically, but you’d really use iron armor at that rate tbh. but we dunno what boss compensation will be like and if new armors replace mino armor and all that

uh level
that is it

Stats as in play time, kills, fish caught, etc. Not health/damage or stats given by items.