Song of sunken wonders (Arcane April 2021, day 1)

Sunken treasure beneath the sea
Gold and chests, all for me,
Set sail with all of my crew
We all know what to do!

Hoist the anchor
Set the sails,
Get there first
Or we will fail

Booty, treasure, glimmering gold
All of this in our cargo hold,
Raise your tankers, chug your rum
Drink until you’re sick, ye bum!

Hoist your tankard
Set your sale,
And brag about
Our wonderous tales!


Ignore the fact that it’s still march 31st where I live.

already april 1st for me so it’s a pass

also pog!

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Y’know what? fuck it. I’ma try to make a song like this for every day of arcane April.

holy shit!! let’s go!!!

Just remember that there is a slight time zone difference, so I may post something a day early or late (probably early since I love making these, lol)

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