Sora Odyssey Cover (Arcane April Day 4)

Recap of what Sora Odyssey is

So basically Sora Odyssey is just AO but with people from the Vetex community
Please dont ask me to include your clans and ocs in the comic. I will be the one to choose them.

No logo version

@BNTarwarn include this in Arcane April day 4 please :niceman:
Also i didnt steal the solar eclipse idea from BNT
Edit : I’m a fucking dumbass and forgot to credit tech. Sorry I’ll make sure to do it next time :frsob:


sora eclipse

sora eclipse


aye bruv, what happened to the TLS sailboat there

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My dumbass forgot to credit tech

Sorry man


sora eclispsefsda

Since when did this exist and how can I see it


Bottom Text

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Pog something to look forward to while waiting for ao

just draw a cat in the background with bread and i will be happy B)

So it’s taking place in AA/AO universe but will it have the same storyline or will the story/stories be separate from the main lore?

It takes place in AO but the story is different and consists of people from the community


I think the question everyone is trying to ask is do we get to see Trigno?

Becuz I miss him