Spell Damage Calculator!

After a few weeks of working with @Pointyyou, and using @Meta’s damage calculations and research, point and I have been able to create a fairly accurate damage calculator for all current spell types!

Find it here:

This calculator can take into account level, power, magic, blast/explosion/beam size, blast/explosion count, and the shape and style of explosions! Due to the website it was made on, it might be a bit slow when you first open it, so if it isn’t working right try messing with the options a bit. Any and all bug reports/damage inconsistencies are welcomed, report it in this thread or DM me and I’ll do my best to fix it.

I hope this can be a great tool for PvP, boss fights, and casual players alike!


It turns out that slow magics are a freaking scam.
At level 80, with 71 power, and 100% size, a single blast for Gold magic deals 189 damage. A single blast, same stats, with Light magic deals 150 damage.

Light is so much easier to hit and only does 39 less damage?

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The Explosion Size slider does nothing for Beam spells.

it would be cool if it counted DoT as well

It does for me, always try refreshing because the website is p laggy and can do weird stuff

That’s a great idea, I wonder if we can get calculations on how that works. If we can, I’ll try adding something like that in

this looks great, thanks for putting in the effort :+1:

yeah currently power is a bit broken, as shown by this on bugs of trello:
once this gets fixed, gold will get 120 extra damage from 100 power, while faster magics with a .9 modifier will get only 90 extra damage from 100 power

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there is actually a guide made by Meta that explains how DoT works, here is the link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jdlCDc2U6_yO78GGQ-nxcIAi7ew1JmqcBLkVlK_Xul0/edit

I think you have the wrong damage multiplier for Magma. You probably put it as 0.9 instead of 0.925. Light is also supposed to be 0.825, not 0.8.

Otherwise, this is excellent.

yeah I probably got some wrong, I did that pretty quickly, I can fix that and I’m working on adding DoT now

This is a game changer. Can’t wait until someone finds THE optimal build for a certain magic. Tbh its possible. All you need are statistics for how long an average fight lasts, how many spells are used and landed and their intervals. E.g is the poisoned effect actually good, assuming a fight lasts 2 minutes, and the average hit interval is 6 seconds. With this info, should a poison user run a tanky or a powerful build? Assuming all fights happen in arena. Because any hits within 20 seconds of a poison attack becomes redundant, because the poisoned effect doesn’t stack.

If anyone gets what I mean, it would be great to see some results from this.

This is great. Can you point in the direction to where you found the multipliers for things like blasts and self explosions? I know where to find the magic’s damage affinity, but I’m not sure where you find the multiplier for things like one blast, 2 blasts, 3 blasts, etc.

And another question, how did you calculate it? Is it just
(BaseDamageFromLevel+Magic Power)*spell multiplier

Oh all of the multipliers come from pointyyou’s testing, they put most of their findings in this post here: https://forum.worldofmagic.dev/t/for-those-curious-about-spell-damage-modifiers/13911
They did some testing in DMs with me to fill in every single damage modifier for blasts, and I used that in this calculator
On the other hand, the formulae.
The basic formula for base damage is (((Level + 19) * damageAffinity) + power)
For blasts, you multiply it by (1 + 3% per 10% less size)
For explosions, you multiply it by (1 + 4% per 10% less size), then x1.1 if it’s a pillar, and then 0.6x for placed
beams are kinda weird, as they’re just like blasts except the 0.5 modifier is before the power so (((Level + 19) * damageAffinity * 0.5) + power) then the blast size thing

weird, it didn’t reply to your for some reason so just in case @Several_people

Uh so

Did I do something wrong in the calculator?

nah you didn’t, I’m currently making some changes to add DoT and fix mistakes, they must be going through live for some reason. I’ll make a post in this thread when the updates are done, but it may be a bit broken for a few minutes

K thx, this is a great calculator for people who want to change magics or see how their magic compares to anothers

And metamancers

The DoT update should be out to the calculator! This adds a total DoT damage and DoT per second on every magic that has DoT! If any new bugs are found, please report them!

Thank you to everyone for the support!