[SS] Race Against The Clock

Explosive sounds had rung out through the Bronze Grasslands. A wizard was leaping through the air, trying to rush back to his hometown before it was too late. This, is John Stone.

John ran and ran through the Bronze Grassland, only now crossing into the Southern Riverlands, with the same message screaming in his head. “I must return to the Summer Hold! I must return to the Summer Hold! How could I be so foolish, I must return!” While his panic only grew, he was at the very least assured that he could make it in time. The path for the time being seemed clear, there didn’t seem to be many obstacles. If he can continue using leap spells, he may be able to make it in time.

At least that’s what he thought.

He saw the large river coming up, and prepared himself to swim through its chilling waters. He took a deep breath, and made a swam dive right into it. He jumped in, and began swimming as fast as he can through the water, ignoring all of the fish that got in his way. He jumped out of it, water splashing all around him, and continued to run, ignoring the cold as best as he could as the wind blew over him.

Just then, he saw it, the graveyard. He couldn’t recall the name of it, but John knew that if he saw the graveyard, he was getting close. But right when he felt this slight relief, he saw something come from the corner of his eye. Something bright. Something fast. He rushed towards him, and before he had any time to dodge, BLAST!

He was struck in the side by a light blast, stopping him in his tracks. He reached for his waist as he was hit, then looked towards where the attack came from. Three wizards came out, trying to rob him.

“Dark wizards?! Of all times?! Move out of the way!” John shouted to them.
The wizards didn’t seem to care for what John had to say. “Aw, what’s the big hurry for? You scared?”
“Yes I’m scared! But not of you! I’m scared for my-”
“Save it, bub.” One of the dark wizards formed a light blue magic circle, aiming it at John. “Ice Magic: Cruel Shot!” The dark wizard kicked the circle, and an ice beam shot right towards John. However, he was able to block it.

At this point, John didn’t know what to do. He needed to get back to his home as soon as possible and couldn’t waste time fighting these dark wizards. However, if he tried to run, they’d just follow him, and he might end up bringing them into the Summer Hold making things worse. But still, he just couldn’t afford wasting time with them. Ultimately, he decided that he had to suck it up and fight them off. He dashed towards the dark wizards. He drew his sword, ready to kill them on the spot. The ice wizard tried to form another circle and strike him down, but he was able to strike him down with his sword before hand finished. The other two were shocked to see that.
“ALCINO!” One of the wizards cried out for their friend, as John pulled his sword out of him. He then turned to the dark wizard, and rushed towards him. “Alright bastard, no more games.” The wizard that John was pursuing creating black circles on his fists “Shadow Barrage!” He started firing out multiple small shadow blasts towards John. John started taking hits by them, but he wouldn’t give up his chase. The blasts weren’t strong enough to do serious damage to him anyways. He kicked the wizard in the stomach, grabbed him by the neck while he gasped for air, and stabbed him with the sword just like with the first.

“You shouldn’t have wasted my time.” John said quietly as he pulled the sword back. He began looking for the other wizard, but it seemed they left. And he didn’t care enough to find them. The wizards out of the way, he finally was able to get back to the Summer Hold. As he ran, he cursed himself out for wasting a much time as he did. Every second had counted, and he had to have finished that fight far quicker. He couldn’t spend so much time with dark wizards like that when he has such a bigger crisis on his hand. But as he was cursing himself, he felt himself grow more and more tired. Running towards the Summer Hold and being in that fight is starting to take its toll on his body. He can feel his legs aching, his heart beating loudly in his ears. But still, he was determined to make it in time. He mustered up as much determination as he could and persevered. He kept going, despite the pain in his body, until he finally made it to the Summer Hold, panting. The moment he did, he quickly tried to find his home, and prayed that the top window was opened. As he ran over to it, drenched in so much sweat he was forming his own trail, and saw the window open. He thanked the gods up on high as he saw it, and thought that it wasn’t too late. He formed a magic circle underneath his feet once again, muttered the words “Explosive Ascent!”, and jumped into the air, leaving an explosion underneath him that caused a crater in the ground. He jumped through the window, and landed in his bedroom, but as he did, his heart sank when he saw it. He saw his fiancée, looking angrily at him, holding a box.

“Care to explain this?” She said, holding out the box. John recognized the box, his whole reason for going all the way from the Bronze Grassland to the Summer Hold.

“U-Uh… no…?” John said, trying to sound convincing.

“Well, does THIS jog your memory?” She said, taking the contents out of the box, revealing all of the magazines inside all of the box. The… promiscuous women on the covers, and when John saw all of them, he knew he failed, that he definitely shouldn’t have been fighting, and in that moment, all he could find the strength to say was…

“I can explain.”


lmfao he better start explaining

john is fucking dead

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, she found the c*m box :pensive:


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