[SS] The Mask

Not actually sure how I feel about this. Whatever may as well get the feedback if it’s bad :troll:
Just felt really out of it writing it.

Also, so uncreative I used not only a literal mask but a fucking diary format. I think I made a deal with someone to make this edgy I forget.


Anyways, we didn’t find the kid. Or his body. I think he might be alive, but I’m not sure. Hopefully, he’s at peace, either way.

bruh james

James had a bruh moment

Oy nice job.

Random nitpicks becuz I too lazy to do something proper:

It shouldn’t be Day 1, Day 6, etc.
Think about it.
Who the hell writes a diary like that?
I know we don’t know how months work in WoM/AO tho… ig you could try something like
“__/32/2520” where you just censor the month.

Secondly you capitalize Journal the second time you use it but it was lowercase at first, better to be consistent.

Speaking of Mask

grammar moment.

Also stupid James is like
“we didn’t find the body whatever”

It is the Magic council they aren’t exactly very emphathtic. Thanks