Start doing something about fourm trolls

Certain accounts like sister have been trolling the fourms and spreading tons of blatant misinformation and lies in order to get attention. I really don’t want to give these trolls any sort of attention but the situation is getting really bad, something needs to be done to stop accounts like these from ruining the forum.

For starters I propose a new rule “purposely spreading misinformation will result in a ban” the purpose of this rule is to stop these troll accounts from being able to lie to convince new players about a feature that might not be coming. Secondly I propose another rule “trolling the fourms by attempting to incite drama on purpose multiple times will result in a ban” the purpose of this particular rule is to stop troll accounts from starting tons of drama and getting away with it. If you don’t like my proposed rules that’s ok but I think something needs to be done before someone incites some sort of drama that can’t easily be resolved.

Edit: @Kitty_Cushion has some great points in the comments.

its only getting bad becausey oure letting it get bad. sister isnt that big of a deal if you dont treat as the things they say as big of a deal. sometimes you just gotta go on the internet and expect nothing to be serious or true., this is what i do and now im a succesful businessman who owns amazon and sweatshops in china


Sister was just banned for 2 weeks.

Wax isn’t a troll he’s honest to god the funniest user on these forums and I love it every time he replies to anything.

Some people will always respond to fourm trolls and refuse to ignore them, those people argue with the troll causing the topic to get locked. We can’t stop people from doing that so posts will get locked no matter what. Implementing rules to stop trolls from doing things like this will stop them from shutting down topics because one person wants to argue with them. And I don’t think you understand that they spread misinformation to new players causing them to be confused.

Well at least the most harmful troll is gone. Still rules should be implemented for the future to prevent more harmful trolls.

I personally don’t think troll accounts or posts should be removed/deleted. The only thing that should be monitored (it already is due to the time required to post there) is the suggestions area (which vetex specifically looks at). Players shouldn’t blindly believe what a random says on a post, as well, giving admins the ability to ban/restrict posts for self opinionated “troll information” is too much power. Mostly because most posts are just uneducated people trying to talk about a subject.

In Sister’s case, they have admitted to purposely misinforming people on the forum with intention, not ignorance.

Didn’t say Sister, whomever that is, isn’t guilty. I’m speaking about a broader scope of players in the community.

Single instances aren’t the problem.
It’s when people do it habitually that it becomes an issue.

Everybody knew sister as a troll since the day they started posting and it took 16 days for them to finally get a ban despite getting way, way more flags than the average user, telling me to take the blue whale challenge, calling Vetex a script kiddie who doesn’t know how to code and made WoM by using slightly modified exploits, calling the official lore a theory multiple times, putting numerous ideas in game discussion, making 9 copy paste topics in 3 days, vandalizing other peoples art, telling an exploiter to just make an alt after getting banned, requesting to buy a dupe exploit, talking about things they made up as if they are already planned to be added to the game, and the list goes on and on and on.

Yet this person is innocent?

I’m not quite sure if you believe I think sister is innocent; I have no idea who that even is. I’m speaking about people who make two to three posts that could be considered misinformation; They are obviously uneducated in the field and are just attempting to help the community. People who commit mass amounts of troll posts/hate messages SHOULD be banned, but, ignorant forums users should be issued warnings and not temp-banned.

Plus this could happen in the future again if no rules are added. I would like this but I’m out of likes.

Here is them admitting to spreading false information on purpose and trying intentionally to make people upset.

Here is them sharing a third party program that ROBLOX considers and exploit, which also happens to help a lot with exploiting.
Oh, and it’s on an exploiting website.

Not sure why you continue to send me irrelevant information which has nothing to do with my points.

No offense but not monitoring anything other than suggestions is one of the stupidest things I’ve heard this week. A troll account could be bullying someone and telling them to kill themself while suggestions are keep clean. Is that a good idea?

But that’s not at all what I said. I was referring to “troll” posts, not posts that blatantly break the rules, nsfw, for example. Misinformation is annoying, but shouldn’t be considered on the same levels as “nsfw” and “overwhelming toxicity”, banning users for doing such is overkill.

Troll posts often cause people to argue with them and posts get locked and completely derailed due to troll accounts ruining them. Troll accounts have become more and more of a problem due to mods not taking action on them early on. Don’t argue about why troll accounts shouldn’t be moderated if you haven’t been here for long.

i saw a movie on netflix called “Troll hunter” could this be relevant and hjelpful for our moderation team?

First of all, it ain’t a movie, it’s a series. Second of all, this is insanely helpful, thank you for the information

nono not the fake one, the norwegiean one thats real and actualy happened

Being here for long is completely irrelevant to the conversation. I believe you took what I said out of context, common for people who read my messages quickly. I also take back some of the things I previously said.

There is a difference between troll posts and posts that are posted for the common good but spread misinformation. It is common to distinguish posts that share misinformation as troll posts, and if there was a rule against it, they would be banned (even though they originally just made it to help). Therefore, making a rule blatant against troll posts does not seem logical and can rather hurt new-players. Although, when I say troll posts I am referring to ones that share misinformation NOT ones that are obviously toxic.