Stat Builds - Everything you need to know (OUTDATED)


This guide was made before Arcane Odyssey was released, so not all of the information is up to date. I will make an updated guide when I can later on.

With the many features coming to Arcane Odyssey, one of the most known are the stat builds that allow people to specialize into certain stats and gain different abilities from what they chose. With so many choices it gets confusing as to what you get. This guide will talk about all stat builds coming to the game and their features.


Stat builds are made whenever you spend stat points on a stat. When you level up, you gain 2 stat points to spend. In AO, there will be four stats you can spend points on, which are Magic, Strength, Weapons, and Vitality.

The descriptions for the stats are as follows:

  • Vitality - Increases your body’s durability, which increases your maximum health and allows you to take more damage before dying.
  • Magic - Increases your knowledge of magic, allowing you to use stronger spells, master multiple magics, and more.
  • Strength - Increases your athleticism, allowing you to use stronger melee attacks, master multiple fighting styles, and more.
  • Weapons - Increases your experience in using weapons, allowing you to use stronger weapon abilities, master high level weapons, and more.

Pure Stat Builds

Some stat builds are only available when you specialize the majority of your points into one stat. the four pure stat builds are:

  • Mage (Magic) - When specializing over 60% of your points into magic, you become a Mage build. Mages are able to use 5 magics total (3 base magics & 2 lost magics or 3 base magics, 1 lost magic & one ancient magic). If hitting hard from longer distances is how you like playing, then Mage build is for you.

  • Berserker (Strength) - When over 60% of your stat points are spent on strength, you become the berserker build. This build gains access to 3 fighting styles to use. If beating someone with your bare hands is something you like, this build is recommended for you.

  • Warrior (Weapons) - Spending over 60% of your stat points on weapons will result in you becoming the Warrior build. This build gains the ability to master weapons easily and is able to use Artisan weapons. If you like stabbing people (or if you’re British), then this build is one you will love.

  • Warden (Vitality) - Spending over 60% of your points on Vitality makes you become a Warden build. This build has the most health out of all other builds (and might gain access to spirit weapons. If spirit weapons scale only off vitality i’ll come and edit this). If being incredibly bulky and annoying other people is how you want to play, then this build is the best one for you to use.

Hybrid Stat Builds

Hybrid builds are when you spend 40% or more of your stat points in two categories instead of one category, some builds giving you the ability to use both of the stats when attacking.

The list of Hybrid builds are as follows:

  • Conjurer (Magic/Weapons) - spending 40% or more of your stats into magic and weapons makes you a Conjurer, allowing you to use weapons with magic and to use Arcanium Weapons the best.

  • Warlock (Magic/Strength) - spending 40% or more of your stats on magic and strength result in the Warlock build, allowing you to use fighting styles with your magic. You also gain either 2 magics & 1 fighting style or 1 magic & 2 fighting styles.

  • Paladin (Magic/Vitality) - Spending 40% or more of your points on magic and vitality results in the Paladin build, which lets you use magic (and maybe spirit weapons) at the same time while having some bulk.

  • Warlord (Strength/Weapons) - Spending 40% or more of your stat points on strength and weapons makes you become the warlord build, which allows you to use 2 fighting styles, imbue fighting styles into your weapons and allows you to use Strength weapons (very big weapons that scale off of strength and weapon stats) at their best.

  • Juggernaut (Strength/Vitality) - when 40% or more of your stat points are spent on strength and vitality, you will become the Juggernaut build. You can hit hard with 2 fighting styles (and maybe spirits weapons if they scale only off of vitality) while being very bulky.

  • Knight (Weapons/Vitality) - when 40% or more of your stat points are spent on weapons and vitality, you become the Knight build. The knight build is able to hit hard with weapons (and definitely spirit weapons but I wanna make sure with them when they’re out) while being very bulky.

  • Savant (all balanced stats) - Savant is a very different build compared to the other builds listed. When 15% or more of your stat points are spent on all stats, you become the savant build. For both awakenings you gain boosted damage for all attacking stats (magic, strength and weapons) and gain the choice of another magic or another fighting style. If you want to be a jack of all trades, then this build is the one you want.


You gain 2 stat points every level and can spend those points on either magic, strength, weapons, or vitality. If you spend most of the points on one stat, you will become a pure stat build. If you spend points on two stats, you become a hybrid build. If you spend your points in all stats, you will become the savant build.


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You forgot to precise that Warlock is the best build.

That’s a nice argument, but why don’t you back it up with a source.

Sources are @Ezia and @Divanochi

Was a stat removed? I remember there being a agility stat,right?? Or is it a false memory?

There was no agility stat for stat builds

Agility is with the stats from armors (power, defense, drawback, etc.)

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What if there was a fifth stat?

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