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Tiki the next morning ate his breakfast, he looked at his mom and asked “M0M, C4N I B3C0ME 4 W1Z4RD?”

Tikis mom looked at him and said “silly Tiki, you don’t even have a magic! How could you be a wizard?”

“BUT 1 D0”

“Ok then, show me” said Tikis mom in a tone of suspicion.

Tiki closed his eyes, suddenly, a strange, purple light filled the room, and a circle formed around Tikis hand, before quickly disappearing again.

Tikis mom just, sat there in disbelief, could it be? Her son was actually a wizard?

“T-Tiki… You weren’t making that up yesterday when you said you shot a rock from you hand yesterday huh…”

Tiki put his plate away and asked “M0M, 1 W4NT T0 BECOM3 A WIZ4RD.”

Tikis mom looked out at the window, with a sad gaze, she looked back at her boy, who had lived with her for basically forever, now she had to let him go, for he was growing up.

“Alright Tiki, but you must promise me you will write to me everyday ok?”

Tiki responded “0K M0M”

“I’ll help you pack a bag, let’s go to your room”

Tiki and his mother packed diligently, including his stuffed fox, clothes, food, and some cooking supplies.

“Alright Tiki! Go out there and have fun! Don’t forget to write up to home every now and then!”

Tiki looked back at his mom before leaving through the front door, “1 W0NT F0RG3T M0M”

He energetically ran through the front, off to the summer hold front gates, hismorher waved him off with tears in her eyes

“They grow up so fast”


Tiki quietly walked down the dirt road that wandered through the larged, whispering forest. He looked around and looked up at the dark night sky.

“TH15 IZ 4 G00D PL4C3 FOR C4MP”

Tiki set up a small camp by a large tree, he got some firewood and got a matchbox.

He sat by the fire, reading a book he had about some far away place.

Little did he know, he was being stalked by 3 dark wizards.

“Look, a traveler” one of them said

“He seems weak enough to mug” said another

“Ok guys, here’s the plan, we’ll go different directions and surround the sucker, and then attack with our spells”

“Right!” The other two responded.

Tiki would watch the roaring fire and slowly fall asleep, until he heard a sound.

No, three sounds…

Coming from different directions…

Tiki rose up, the violet light returned, cove7his hands and forming two circles with a symbol of some sort of crystal, he looked around, and prepared for an ambush

The first fight of tikis adventure started here, enemy unknown.

Suddenly three projectiles from the bushes came out of nowhere, one was made of water, another a flying wooden block, and the last was a burning hot spear of plasma.

Tiki barely managed to dodge the attacks, and in response he rapidly fired his large stones into the direction the attacks came from.

Tiki got ready for whatever was next, this was going to be a long night…


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