Strength weapons

I created this topic just to talk a bit and to see if anyone more expert of me has good ideas.

Which strength weapons do you think/hope will come out in the future?

Any WoM item that you think will be converted in a strength Weapon?

I’m a warlord so I’m super hyped for this.

See you.

can we get like a greatsword made out of obsidian

Mean Yoru of OP kinda like?

GunPunt Gun, The Massive Shotgun So Deadly It Was Banned



i really want to fight some large animal thing

I hope vetex adds a sea monster that functions similar to the krakens from Wind Waker

Me too

big bow

ranged weapons like a greatbow or something, or maybe at some point we can just carry canons and ballista’s

Big bow/ballista is a great idea.
I’m sure that it’s already planned.
Personally not sure on cannon, bazooka style.
Feels it overlap with fighting style.
Personal opinion.

giant claws sounds funny

all WOM weapons are deleted(except for neutral weapons like dagger, bow, sword, but all the WOM shields are dead as hell)

Can’t wait for the AO Nuke weapon update.

imagine warlords can just carry a nuke and activate it with thermo fist

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i hope they add a greatclub but its just a fucking tree


Argos be like
Looks like im going to have to use more that strength to beat yo- IS THAT A REDWOOD TREE


True Ungabunga

can we just get sephiroth’s sword as a heavy katana

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