Strong mino axe + bursting magic size amulet for oathkeeper

trading a strong mino axe + bursting magic size amulet for oath keeper

Common gear is worthless only meta gear like powerful/hard wizard gear or power/defense amulets If you want oath your best bet is to keep grinding or make an exiled tracker file

sheesh when was strong mino axe
a common

No strong vast is a drop im talking about the amulet

oh k but I said I was trading both for a oath

i would take bursting size amulet be quiet :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

(not for the whole oath though only an add)

Dude you’re still under for a hard oath
(ok @AwesomeOS I will use “proper grammar”)

ew fuck off we all know powerful power winning

yes bursting size may be worthless but i simple for magic size

dude I never said want hard oath just any oath

Hard oath is the best your getting with this offer

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so wana do trade?

no i wouldn’t do this

but you have lots of strong oaths tho

yeah i would maybe trade a hard for this

i have little interests in vastiras unless hard

which even then i don’t need that much

I can agree with you

vastiras are so shit

but 30% blocking power