Studio Build: Asterios Labyrinth

im just happy with the full world of magic map as a roblox experience, and with no stamina running out every 5 seconds

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imo you make great music, if i could make you then i would have you make all the ao tracks the way naktigonis makes the dw tracks

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Cooking with Tobi

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if this were to miraculously be added to the game, i’d particularly want to have it be placed somewhere within the thorne empire’s domain, as a callback to how the continent was named after john thorne’s homeland back in the war seas


We need to convince Vetex to put this in the game, somehow. IDC if he makes me pay Robux for it, I NEED this in the game. I swear… I’d spend so much time here… No music or anything, just fishing… walking… staring into blank space

If anything else… thanks for the nostalgia hit… Been a few days since my last existential crisis.

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:pray: This would be a great island to chill on for many a WoM fan.

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Well, at least we get a ton of easter eggs throughout the Dark Sea, to both AA and some to WoM…

There’d be more, with the not-included builds you posted a few days ago, but…yeah… making use of what we got.

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Wait… I’m out of likes… crap. And I just realized something… What is the Lore perspective of the “Old (Magius) Relics” WoM players with bossdrops got…?

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Honestly, I’m not sure. I’m curious because they have the name “Magius.” It’s interesting because Magius is no longer canon.

:saluting_face: and I’m sure the Dark Sea will get more.

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the magius relics probably just don’t actually exist

“Huh what a strange coin I’ve woken up with. Guess I’ll just do nothing with it, never mention it to anyone and not even consider it’s value”

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Yeah, I think our player character is just schizophrenic. :sweat_smile:

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magius is canon, it’s john thorne’s homeland on the other side of the world from the seven seas meaning its the home of the capital of the thorne empire
remember what magius’s name came from

Reminds me of a day we were discussing builds in the Galleon, and some guy posted this INSANELY OP build, which however had… sadly… 5 insanity and 9 drawback, and 126 Attack Speed… But in purple… pinkish purple…

The dude was scizophrenic enough to imagine the attack speed and manifest it out of pure insanity.

Iirc, the lore doc stated it was his FALLEN homeland. So Im guessing it was his original home and got wrecked by war or something else, which would eventually led to John Thorne creating his own Empire.

Maybe for the people that lost their homes like how he did. It does mirror what was supposed to happen after AA before it got retconned.

But yeah, Magius exists in some way in the War Seas. Well, used to.

maybe magius is gonna be a giant underwater structure like mount olympus will be

That would be cool :poggerfish: