Stupid Ideas With Daxus

what are you even going on about at this point, this is just sad.
are you that desperate?


What are you trying to gain from screaming at your screen over “offensive shit”?

Bruh im about to ping a mod for this, stop the vetex yap and go to another topic

I think it would be funny if vetex decided that instead of luck 3,he will just wipe every file so that everyone gets a clear and fair start (not something he would do, but i’d be funny)

The thing is, that this shit ( the image ) is a threat on its own. I was merely making a light hearted joke meant to make people laugh and It was barely offensive lmao. Then this mf swoops in to derail the topic and insult some random mf who conflicted their highly valued opinion.

I dont get how these people view me as some shit antagonist due to me merely fighting back an asshole. That is literally regular internet behavior by now. This just goes to show, the people who decided to hurl me with insults obviously didnt take a proper read.

how is it still going :sob:

@Cryonical use snowgrave pls and thanks

At least there was a solid 2 good ideas in the sea of complaints


I’d hardly call this a sea of complaints its just delusional rambling at this point.


Topic derailed