Suggest a new feature for the game that will instantly make you Public Enemy #1

Wipe a ton of weapons and throw a few other bugs in for good luck

You forgot adding memory leaks and cities that don’t spawn in


What does everyone mean, cities that won’t spawn in? That’s been happening forever, it’s nothing new, sometimes I just go into a Ravenna town and nothing would be there

i think we located vetex’s alt…

Saw it for the first time yesterday, but with Sameria even the ground won’t spawned sometimes

Remove exotic scrolls from players inventories due to market inflation

make fish smoothies uncraftable

i mean those things WOULD be abominations to make…

fish smoothies would be…i don’t even know, chum?

Actually, they’d be literally impossible.
Fish doesn’t like to become an amalgam like beef or pork will let you do it. It just flakes apart into obscenely well-kept together pieces the smaller they get.
It’s crazy stuff.

Another Goddamn Thermo Fist Nerf

what about a new-

Yknow how we steal drops after we defeat bosses??

They now pull a uno reverse on us and whenever we get killed by them, a random weapon or armor piece disappears from our inventory

aka, Maria stole ur sunkens


additionally, they wear it and get bonus stats the next time you fight them

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The final boss after getting yet another scarf or leather chestplate rather than anything useful

wear insanity 4 and lots of drawback and die to the boss bam boss kills itself

AO: The Society Update

Delete the badge that people spent hours getting due to a bug which let like 200 people earn it easily

Kill people

like real life civilians

Kill em

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armors now have durability, like in minecraft
once the durability is depleted completely, it is destroyed without warning and removed from your character

its your job to go to the blacksmith npc to have your gear repaired