Suggest a new feature for the game that will instantly make you Public Enemy #1

You guys know how Mojang recently added Wind Charges and the Mace to minecraft?

What if we added a lost spell called “rebound blast” which explodes on contact with a surface, dealing high knockback to the user if they’re nearby. The damage is rather low, however. This spell can be adjusted like the Leap spell for an increased amount before needing to touch the ground, at the cost of power.

This spell also doesn’t freeze the user in place, and is fairly quick.

Along with this spell there will be a new weapon. This weapon will have a unique appearance, taking the form of a broad metal head on a short wooden haft. Uniquely, this weapon’s M1s will have a lot of windup, and will usually deal low damage. However, while flying from the Rebound Blast’s jump, this weapon will deal around triple damage.

My knockback build would become the meta

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Make weapon m1s do 10x more this will encourage people to m1 in combat

I think you got the wrong weapon there

martin officially spawns in dawn island

How do you mean? Increased damage to airborne enemies.

Yes but you are replying to the idea of a melee weapon that does 3x damage when in the air from blast jumping. Which is exactly what a certain other weapon from tf2 does.


I can figure this out just gimme a minute

(Market gardener)


I’m stupid, of course it’s the Market Gardener

Doing this for my most used and oldest file



Didn’t really get any kills after ao so probably 0-1

Probably 3 or 2


1 for pulsar ig

Don’t know if these are separate but I assume not because they’re spaced out. Together I get +3


It didn’t let me quote again so here are the rest

  • having True Captain

  • Being a WoM player


And that is just my main file, I have had multiple mains over the course of time

Or it could just hide all of youre stuff somewhere on a random island. so that when u get a treasure chart, theres a chance its youre stuff

all grands navy ships that are sent after you always have lvl 600 npcs

thats 2900 kills

at least

Double or even triple the distance between islands to make the sea appear more open (not in nimbus)

There are now countless insects randomly flying around. Not only does this increase lag, but also your attacks have a chance of hitting one of them instead of your intended target.


Bro I’m done

Bro :sob:





  • 4




  • 1

= 23

I got some 300+ hours so 5 points there
just over 50 kills, so 6 now
I doubt AOW clan is top 100 so now at 7
2 more for 100k bounty, now at 9
4 total learned spells, so 13 points
6 points since I’m maxed in brewing, jewelcrafting and cooking
both bronze sea titles, so 4, now at 23
a bonus for playing WoM, 24 total
wait I also got true captain, so 25
Sorry for playing the game and enjoying it

To make this worse: NPCs can now throw potions that generate/attract insects. Including making those that can do so sting and/or bite you.