Summerhold Ch. 10 "Ironport Assistance"

Ever since Summerhold was destroyed, the townspeople were in their tents that they set up, past asleep, while this was happening, all of the wizards including Daniel traveled to Ironport in order to recover from what they lost.

When they got there, they met 3 peculiar people, Alastair Lamina the Barber, Zackary Grey the Zoologist and Bethany Salore the Fortune Teller.

“Good evening King.”
Alastair would greet the king.

“Oh, erm, hello there.”
Daniel would greet him back.

Zackary would whisper to but not he heard.

“Alright, Summerhold was fallen into ruins, from the vision i saw, but was considered a fraud by your towns people, King Daniel.”
Bethany replied in an insulted tone.

“Oh, sorry, some of them aren’t the most, hear it to believe kind of people.”
Daniel would inform her.

“Anyway, i have had another vision, about this boy William, he needs to collect a rune, much like the one you got when you were still a peasant, Daniel.”
Bethany said.

“However, the means of transportation to go there, can only be done with flight, it is located in a sky temple located high in the clouds.”
Bethany would have another vision.

“I sense that dark wizards are waiting for us to leave, once they do, they will pick us off one by one, everybody must go in groups of 2 to ensure survival.”
Bethany said.

“Zackary, have you prepared the dragons?”
Bethany would question.

“Yeah, i would suggest wearing shoes with a soft surface, metal can make their scales go a bit itchy.”
Zackary would inform them.

“Well, lets go going.”
Chad would conclude.

All of the wizards went into groups of two, with Daniel going with Luciano as he rode the dragon into the cold skies and when they passed the clouds, they saw many dark wizards floating with their magic types in the skies attacking the others on dragons.

Alastair would throw pepples at the wizards trying to knock them off, while Fang blocked there attacks and shot them with Death magic, ending there lives as they fell to the ground.

One of the dark wizards tried to hit William, however Chad would block all attacks and melt them with his acid magic, sending them falling to the ground.

Just then, the skies were rumbling with purple lightning, as Elliot Water zoomed from the clouds and attacked Chad, slicing a portion of his face.

Chad would roar as he covered the skies with ash magic.

Elliot would quickly dodge out of the way as he fired more Magma, the blasts would nearly hit William, but Chad would block the attacks.

But just then, Fang on another dragon would shoot a snow blast at Elliot slightly freezing him, before Chad would shoot a explosive blast at Elliot, finally knocking him out, as the fast winds of the dragon caused blood to sweep out of Chad’s cut.

Daniel and Luciano were far ahead of anybody else, they were so ahead, that all the battles and everybody seemed to cease to exist. Before Daniel could say that they were safe, Cassandra Silver, floating with blue fire, had shot a large ball of moonlight at Daniel causing him to fall asleep.

Before She could incinerate his body, Luciano would summon a wall of wind, that would block all of the blue fire attacks.

“He wants to save you and help you!”
Luciano yelled at her.

“Please don’t go down this way, there is still saving you!”
Luciano would finish.

Cassandra wouldn’t say a single word, Luciano’s wind barrier grew weaker. Perceval would enter out of the sky.

“Electron Magic!”
Perceval would shoot a current of red lightning at Cassandra, stunning her, before Luciano would quickly deactivate his shield and summon a massive tornado that sucked Cassandra far away.

She would fell as she lost them in her sight.

Moments of flying later, all of the wizards including the Ironport citizens had all landed on the Sky temple and Daniel reawaken. They had all traveled into the temple with William with them.

“There has got to be boobytraps here!”
Chad would theorize.

Fang would confusingly reply.

“Y’know, creepy temple located high in the sky that almost killed us…precious gem that enhances a magical person’s persons powers, there has gotta be traps.”
Chad would ensure them.

“This temple was created by good wizards it was created to give weakwizards a chance, there will be no malicious things in here.”
Bethany would roll her eyes telling him.

They spotted the gem in the middle of a large room.

“Well, go get it William.”
Alastair would command the little teenager.

William walked into the middle of the room and had taken the gem with much ease, until a tall wizard about 7 feet in height, who dressed in navy blue robes would appear in front of William.

“Just how did a gifted person as yourself find this temple?”
The old man would question the little boy, unaware of the people at the enterance.

“I had a vision!”
Bethany would yell at the old man as they all walked towards him.

“Alright, that’s just cheating…”
The old wizard said as he teleported the gem back into the container

“Look, we need this gem, mate!”
Luciano would tell the man.

“Don’t they all?”
The old man responded.

“Cassandra Silver is going to destroy Magius, she has already destroyed Summerhold as well as Daniel Silver’s father.”
Bethany would inform the man.

“Silver…David Silver.”
The Old man thought to himself.

The Old man took off his hood and greeted himself.

“My name is Aaron Ketch…Hello son.”
He would greet William.

“You, you were the one who killed Harry Grey!”
Luciano would prepare to blast him.

“Yes, those were some dark times.”
Aaron said to his old rival.

Aaron would then teleport the gem back into his hands and handed it to his son.

“Go kick her a- for me.”
Aaron would hug his son.

“Why won’t you help us?”
Luciano questioned.

“My powers are unstable, only the remnants that i have left are keeping this place together…now go, defeat Cassandra.”

All of the wizards went back to Ironport, this time not attacked by anybody.

“Crush the gem.”
Chad told William.

A glowing light covered William as cold temperatures entered the room, he had evolved his snow powers.

“Lets find Cassandra, and bring her to justice.”
Fang would conclude.

The sun started to rise upon them all, as they watched, and prepared to duel her for the last time.


2 more Chapters left until the finale, i just want to thank anybody who was stayed with this series since the start, i’m starting to brainstorm idea for Season 3 and i already have a pretty neat plot, if you have any ideas for season 3, please tell me, thanks for reading.

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