Suncry VS Acquire (#1 & #2 Leaderboard) 4v4/5v5

Stayed a 4v4 until they brought a 5th so we brought a 5th
(Ignore Loretell joining)


Suncry :pray:


Who Won? Who’s Next? YOU DECIDE!

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U dog wader kid


suncry winning

omagud hi

kinda ezz

omagud armami

my guy recording didnt hit shit

who are you again?


he hit more than all of acquire lol

RANK 1 DAY 1 :fire:

your father


Classic stinky acquire memento

…are guilds still fighting?

not really, just suncry and acquire r the only active guilds right now that fight and pvp. havent seen any other lb guilds in a long time.

Lol saying your good, you basically did a 4v1 on one, then another 4v1 on another ect …

this shit has got to be the most fucking boring “competitive” gameplay of a game ever or at least one of. Geniunely wouldn’t know that this is the competitive level of the game if I didn’t know these were 2 big guilds, thank god ao is a thing :pray: :pray:

before the mid guilders get mad at me; I’m going off at the games pvp itself (and the people who defend it…), I don’t really give 2 shits about the players involved

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