Sunken Speculation

What do yall think the next Sunken weapon is going to be?
the next armor set is likely Champion, but it could be a new one we’ve never seen before similar to the iron set.

i think it’ll be either a greatsword or hammer

Sunken gun.

a sunken musket would be terrifying and also really cool actually

idk but I hope he waits AT LEAST a year before releasing another sunken, the fact that the best armor in the game is locked behind one of the game most tedious mechanics is straight up criminal

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sunken wizard set :fire:
threaded together using arcanium metal small enough to act like fabric would be so fire

I hope whatever stats the next Sunken set has is a niche combination of stats (like Resistance + Intensity), but has higher efficiency than others. Would make it not an instant must-have but really good for specialized builds.


oh that’s a great alternative actually

Or for once a Sunken set that has Power as its main stat instead of Defense, along with a lesser used sub-stat like Resistance or AP.

I made a concept for a sunken flintlock where it’s q loads in another bullet for it’s other skills, and stacks, but has a chance to backfire and explode in your face

watch vetex release Sunken Champion gear which is Power & Defense, alongside an AOE demon sunken greatsword which has massive Sword Draw: Tidal Wave

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Sunken ship parts might be also a possibility.

I want a Sunken Six-Shooter.

sword draw: tidal wave sounds dope as hell ngl

Giving the fact that current sunken sets are defense + stat that affects attacks directly, that is a possibility

ah yes, I too often pull up frigate hulls with my simple fishing rod when I go out fishing

The next Sunken armor set is probably Sunken Champion since that’s the last Sunken set from AA. I want to see either a Light-bladed or Heavy (Greatsword, Greathammer, etc.) Sunken Weapon, although a Sunken Greatsword would be easier to conceptualize skills for.

I feel like a Sunken gun could be possible if the Peacekeeper took decades to prep for fighting Acheron, since making a Sunken item takes roughly the same amount of time, although it’d be hard to make ideas for unless your name is WarmWater. There likely aren’t a bunch of ranged Arcanium weapons sitting in the ocean either.

who said the peacekeeper had anything to do with sunken equipment at all?

Its very likely that someone has dropped a flintlock or musket made with Arcanium into the ocean long enough for it to turn into a sunken, actually.

The Peacekeeper, if they took a decade or so to prep for the endgame, would cause Arcane Odyssey to start roughly a decade after guns were created (since they’re stated to be a recent invention in AA, although maybe the War Seas could’ve created them earlier). It takes a decade or so for Arcanium to become Devourer metal or presumably gain Sunken properties in the ocean, so if the Peacekeeper’s entire adventure took the course of 10+ years, then we could hypothetically have Sunken guns by the time AO starts (which is about a month after AA).

Basically, I’m thinking of AA as a time metric for how much time is feasible for Sunken guns to spawn.