Sunken Sword Buff

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I use ice which does +40% when the target is bleeding, so this combined with the soaking status would be so cool unless im getting something wrong here.

We know

oh im just gonna delete this topic then

nvm i cant

nerf to most magics tbh


watch as people offer 100 headlesses for one SS

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well its less op than it seems, you gotta land that rising tide and ice blast to freeze. As for slashes? ehhh gl landing those unless its a surprise attack. and even then you could just 4 blast them.

since all weapons will have atleast 5 abilities the sunken sword might have 1 ability with good aoe to inflict soaked. We dont even know if rising tide is being kept either, it prolly will but who knows :man_shrugging: . Its really just gonna depend on what other abilities sunken swords have

might as well use a beam to freeze them and then use a multi blast/high dmging weapon attack (assuming the person using a sunken sword and magic is a conjurer ofc)

thats true ig

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Very minor issue but since this is a common misconception I think that justifies a correction.
(In World of Magic it’s still 40%)

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ah thats sad

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