“sUpErMaN iS oVeRpOwErEd”

Yeah, he’s super powerful, but so are 77% of all comics. Shazam is basically Superman but magical, the Flash can outrace death itself, Wonder Woman is a demigod, and Hulk can literally hold planets together! Also, you could say “overpowered” for literally any character. Any badly written or Mary Sue person can be OP, and there’s plenty of characters in even DC that top Superman. Hell, if most Kryptonians were still alive and weee exposed to yellow-sun radiation, they’d probably be just as strong. To say Superman is overpowered and boring is dumb, especially with his weaknesses. (kryptonite, red-sun radiation, you get the idea…)

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First of all this is all stupid except Wonder Woman to my knowledge. Any character at a universal/multiversal level ruins power scaling/makes plotholes. And take in Superman is almost consistently stronger than everyone on this list.

Second of all, aside from maybe Shazam (don’t know enough about him), each character isn’t infinitely versatile. Superman one of the strongest and fastest of the DC universe, has freeze/super breath, has laser vision, has super hearing, has xray vision, and if I studied the character more I’d probably find a list of 200 more abilities. Superman has a stupid amount of powers AND to a stupid extent.

Third of all, a character should not have convenient and cheap weaknesses just because they’re so overpowered that having convenient weaknesses is the only way to do anything to them.

Fourth of all Superman is almost consistently a whole tier above every other hero he interacts with except Batman with prep time (which is also an issue but that’s besides the point).

Superman is still extremely difficult to top considering his dumbest feats

and just his standard established powers. It’s to the point where topping Superman in any aspect is literally a trophy. Plus many of the characters who top him are villains and villains being OP is infinitely more justifiable than heroes being OP since it creates obstacles for the heroes and justifies their villainy.

Is it possible for Superman or any stupidly OP hero to be written well? Yeah, I think interesting things can and have already been done with Superman. But I think him and any characters similar to him are conceptually dull and problematic. Shazam at least is funny and has the dynamic with him being a kid. Omni-Man is an obvious spin on Superman from a more aggressive angle. Superman is just Superman.
Also his name is literally Superman. You can't get any more dull than that.
Even as he is it's still enjoyable to watch Superman fight and stuff. That doesn't change that he as a character has a lot of issues though.


But being stronger doesn’t always equal power. It’s why speedsters and telekinetic are are considered powerful, because their power is just that OP. I mean, hell, ANY being fast enough could just beat Superman to a pulp before he realizes it. Not even that, but he regularly goes up against dudes like Darkseid who can match him.

Yeah, but-

nvm ur right

Yeah the writers at DC really screwed that up, though that’s more of the writers than Superman.

But many have topped him. Also, his powers are completely from his physiology. If most Kryptonians were alive today I doubt Superman could be considered as OP as he is now. (Supergirl, for example)

“Power corrupts” isn’t always ‘realistic’

he’s cool tho wdym

It’s not that bad. The point of his name originally meant that he basically could do what a man could but better. (he didn’t have flight back then)

…what type of fantasy book bullshit metal tony stark used in that anti hulk armor…

A_nerd have you gone insane

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Any character with too good of power is just boring and uninteresting to watch.

Of course you want them to be powerful when the show or series starts, but not solar-level destruction. I mean take luffy for example. His gum-gum power was unique and strong but that didn’t mean he was near the strongest character in one piece yet. Even if it took him a little while, he made his way there.

but superman isn’t exactly slow himself
like faster than light levels of not exactly slow


Which is exactly why Superman is still stronger. He can travel faster than speed of light (yes still slower than a speedster) and has any ability a 5 year old could think up. Telekinesis and reality bending are like the only stuff he doesn’t have but Superman has basically become an ACTUAL god at some point by sitting in front of the sun for 15 million years, like being able to form beings out of thin air. Tbf though every character has their stupid edge-cases though.

I mean yrah you could argue that but magic, kryptonite and funny-coloured stars are pretty much Superman’s only weaknesses in any interpretation now (and it’s not as if he hasn’t bypasses any of those).

I mean you could probably count the amount of characters who could beat Superman, not even just in DC, just in general (Ben 10 solos). You can’t count the amount of people that he slams. Also anything I say about Superman applies to all Kryptonians, especially with those who have “Super” in their name.

You can’t say it’s not often realistic, just look at politics and such. If anyone was basically a god compared to other people and there is literally nothing you could do to stop them chances are they’d abuse that. It would honestly be sick if every Kryptonian were more like Zod and Superman was the one exception so that Superman’s story was always focused more around what drives him not to abuse his powers (not that this is never a component of a Superman story, him being raised by humans is one of those reasons.)

To some extent yeah but I think to some extent every hero is cool. Superman is basicslly just a default template for a superhero. This is in part because a lot of superhero stuff was directly inspired BY Superman but for whatever reason, it still stands he is the most generic hero in pop culture.

Hulkbuster could not fight Hulk in his most powerful forms. Godbuster/Godkiller probably could but that’s a completely different story.

DC has released a gunslinging version of Santa Claus and has a villain named Captain Nazi and you all are still trying to make sense of its universe.


To be fair any marvel and dc top tiers are super op. But uh man sneezed and destroyed. Was it a solar system or a galaxy. And bro that’s like his weakest feat. Cosmic armor superman held the Multiverse in his fingers while it was in limbo. Then re-wrote the multiverse as well. And the multiverse in general is like an outer to high outer construct if I’m correct. And that’s not getting me started with the overvoid and the source wall. Yes there’s a couple top tiers that possibly could beat him. Toba hulk maybe ar thanos maybe versions of dark side, Lucifer but he still one of the top tiers. That’s all I’m gonna say

why do people think he’s strong bro is weak to a fucking crystal

Can prob destroy the planet but then loses to batman :skull:

the crystals aren’t even rare i’m pretty sure there was an entire comic where he and batman tried destroying all the kryptonite on earth and they realized it wasnt fucking rare at all

there’s literally multiple types of it. Now theres the red one, the black one,

the pink one

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We DONT talk about the pink one


we’re gonna fucking talk about the pink one

I don’t remember much about the others but they all make him fucking weak, and the pink one also makes him gay


Superman mid kirby winning.

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