"Surprise" environmental effects should only deal CurHP% damage

"Surprise" environmental effects should only deal CurHP% damage
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Don’t let this post die

i swear after the newest update lightning has started targeting me ive been getting struck sooo much more and it was bad before :sob: i went to the first island and left with my ship having lost 10k health

this post won’t die


barely pushing through just to get killed by lightning (a completely random event) is not my, or a lot of peoples, idea of fun

yeah, that’s what they were saying, it draws all the fun out of it and leaves you feeling upset

this thread still has a point, there’s a difference between difficulty through actual challenge and difficult through BS. Dark Souls is the former. Dark Sea lightning is the latter.

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I didn’t think I’ll say this but
System just stop

The system knows this is a 10/10 idea

When the system is too based for his own site:

I just lost everything to random water poisoning while fighting two atlanteans on a massive island so i’m giving this 5 stars


Also make lightning strikes less common. In every dark sea expedition I do I get struck a minimum of two times.


dont stop cooking fr fr

Im actually surprised this was made a month ago and it’s still not closed, please keep this open this is funny lol

another popular suggestion only to get swept under the rug :pensive:

(no seriously I don’t think anyone cares about this category it’s sad :sob:)


The bots care, they keep bumping this for some reason

If only vetex cared :sob:

Suppose the ground would start to sparkle with lightning affects before lightining strikes

I love the fact that the system won’t just let it die