T.S.B.S.K All 4 leaders

Ranked by pvp skill (Lower = better)

Krystal Barion (Leader of The Silent Order)

Blaine Auburn (Leader of Kingdom Of Fire)

Percivale Barion (Leader of The Spear Break Organization)

Dragos Crest (Leader of Burning Pirates)


@Z_Oryion @BoxMan @SpaceWrld whaddya think?


I should be top because I am insanely chad

It was based on pvp skill. For how it’s displayed rn. Space is the most powerful pvper out of all 4 of us.

:clap: apply :clap: for :clap: artist :clap: role :clap:

Im not ready yet. When I finally make the full body version then i’ll decide whether or not im ready for artist role.

XD i am such so bad when i am on the server that everyone use, but you know like me percy, that in EU i am a monster :P.
Also i would like to see if your order is the true one :3

Well in my match against normal we were evenly matched almost with me beating him a bit more. Against you like I said you only have an advantage in the servers where I can’t play normally.

Dragos almost flawlessed me casually so…

Yeah, in fact it is useless to be good on a server that a lot of people just skip.

where the fuck is yumiko arbor. (Leader of Seraphim)

You’re not part of the whitelist let alone alliance. So sorry bruh image

bro. I invited rayhan to my guild and he declined, then you invited him to your guild and he accepted. then you guys proceeded to rk me in the middle of the forest, and out of fear of losing infamy, i combat logged, losing 5 infamy and practically ending the existence of my guild.

Well im sorry about that. I really am. So I’ll have to ask you politely to consider the following.

The following

Skill issue

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skill issue 8df
Get spearbroken

I already agreed to joining Spear Break :fr:

you only joined because he was a regular and is well-liked within the community, you slut.

No. You just have a skill issue ezcry_about_it

we can agree, i do. but you have the real skill issue when it comes to respecting fellow forumers.

Im not going to take someone who writes shit like this

seriously :fr:


i love arguing with ugly people