Tell me about your OCs

I very curious as to what stories you guys have made up for your characters. Are they evil or good? Gifted or not? What magics do they use or do they even use magic at all?


Um well I made 5 OCs so this will be hard

Lol go for it! The more the merrier

Im in class right now so I will do it later

I have an entire trello, mortals

Feedback is appreciated


can you accept other ocs?

You could just make your own headcanon trello

Trello goated btw, you can have up to 10 trellos with reasonable functionality for free

too lazy, want to be mentioned

Note that it says Fang’s headcanon trello, couldn’t include yours reasonably if I wanted to since it refers to only my headcanon

If you have a headcanon doc or anything public I could put it on Arcane Lily

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Btw you’re free to use the template from my headcanon trello if you want

If you want to use his headcanon you can, from what I have seen he encourages things like OC reapers.

damn this is sick, i would also do this if i had free-time

le cry :frcryin:

I don’t have free time and still do it

Goes to show the type of person I am. For example, i’m going to sleep soon and haven’t finished my 30 pages of LA annotation

I will make them in AO. One will be Beserker Neutral who murders everyone though :flushed:

Top 10 Saddest Moments in Arcane Odyssey Forum History

#1 WAX leaving forums :frcryin:


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I have a lot.

Asura Rust: Water Magic-user, an orphaned character who helped form a guild I plan on making in AO

Hisashi Anchor: Poison Magic-user, an infamous pirate who makes up for his lack of magic damage with his magic-enhanced weapons

Aizen Galleon: Lightning Magic-user, a Knight who searches the entirety of the War Seas for the best armor and weapons

Alvar Marble: Ice Magic-user, a murderous mage who resides on frozen islands

Alvar Cutlass: Metal Magic-user, forges the best weapons and travels from island to island, selling his items

Dragan Crest: Fire Magic-user, just murders everyone he comes in contact with

Eren Arbor: Sand Magic-user, an adventurous mage who travels through desert islands for fun

Komi Barion: Wood Magic-user, a treehugger Mage who won’t hesitate to protect others

Magnus Anchor: Light Magic-user, the legendary mage who formed the Order of the White Moon

Rai Grey: Lightning Magic-user, bounty hunter

(This took forever and that’s not even including all of their lore).


Pretend I gave a like to this, I don’t have any rn :pensive: