Tell me dah trees of magics

idk like fire, flare, and then inferno, and then all dem other fire magics. idk y i asked dis question, but EH.

something like this?


shadow β†’ darkness β†’ death
equinox or balance?
light β†’ aether β†’ life?

balance isnt apart of that tree but yes that is almost fully correct .

shadow, darkness, death, sacrifice

lighting + wind β†’ storm
light + shadow β†’ equinox
fire + water β†’ steam

yeah but i dont want to though

wha- theres steam magic???

also after storm is blaze and equinox

How are blaze and equinox related to storm magic?

blaze has bolts and bolts r from lightning and lightning is from storms, and mb, i meant electron


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u mean unintelligible?

is this what did you expected? or no?

btw i lazy to name every magic, so name them by yourself (or ask me)

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how long did that take u,

Death is an upgrade to shadow/darkness

I’ll go through every base magic and their potential evolutionary counterparts I guess. This is just my opinion though, not 100% fact and some of them I’m unsure about

Fire β†’ Aethereal Fire/ Scorch/ Inferno/ Darkflame β†’ Promethean Fire
Fire β†’ Flare
Fire β†’ Phoenix
Fire β†’ Sun
Fire β†’ Blaze
Ice β†’ Frostmetal
Ice β†’ Blizzard
Water β†’ Storm (maybe)
Water β†’ Lunar
Magma β†’ ???
Earth β†’ Mud
Earth β†’ Diamond
Wood β†’ ???
Metal β†’ Frostmetal
Light β†’ Aether β†’ Aethereal Fire
Light β†’ Healing β†’ Life
Light β†’ Flare
Light β†’ Equinox
Wind β†’ Gravity β†’ Pressure
Wind β†’ Slash
Wind β†’ Storm
Acid β†’ ???
Shadow β†’ Darkness β†’ Death
Shadow β†’ Equinox
Shadow β†’ Sacrifice
Lightning β†’ Storm
Lightning β†’ Blaze
Lightning β†’ Poison Lightning
Lightning β†’ Aether Lightning
Lightning β†’ Electron
Poison β†’ Poison Lightning
Plasma β†’ ???
Sand β†’ ???
Glass β†’ ???
Crystal β†’ Diamond
Snow β†’ Blizzard
Explosion β†’ Apocalypse Bringer
Ash β†’ ???

I’m probably missing or misremembering stuff but that’s what i have for now

pretty sure apocalypse bringer is also apart of gravity

Its only description when it was on the trello was β€œExtremely unstable and explosive”, didn’t really give off gravity vibes to me but rather a stronger form of explosion

for a second I read snow evolution as β€œbizarre” :skull_and_crossbones:

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yeah i guess so

Plant maybe?