Tell me youre a glass canon without telling me youre a glass canon

ill start

my first magic is glass and I’m a warlord using cannon fist

Light magix

i play vitality build

Here’s a screenshot of my character
Screenshot 2024-07-11 022811


selfie i took earlier


does this work?

bro is lesser :sob:

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I mainly play vitality builds.

Wait have I never taken a screenshot of my 800 damage attack? What am I doing?

I think this might have been when the level cap was 125

bro is that drawback 9



this build gives me a half life of about 5 seconds
i have surpassed glass
i am extremely radioactive and it hurts

not quite a glass cannon but i’ve traumatized several people with how much damage my musket does

you should be banned from using musket

…is it 623

it’s only like, 400

musket lmb?!
dude why do you have ~200 power mine does only ~200 and i have ~100 power