Testers, What is Your Process?

In light of the recent Nimbus Sea update and its many problems, I think this question is something that’s on a lot of player’s minds: how do you handle testing? Are campaign events reset and repeated with multiple different variables to test for bugs or are they just run through once or twice? Does Vetex allow enough time, clarification, or access to commands for this to occur? Are combat bugs prioritized over finding server sided, event trigger, or interaction based bugs, etc?

Players, if a tester responds, do not shit on them, thanks.

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i watch the chaos unfold

They clearly just don’t test. This update was a trainwreck and it’s still a buggy mess because the testers don’t do their job.

i’m 200% sure testers treat TU like a sandbox and don’t actually test


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vetcord thievery goes hard

Narrator: They could in fact not balance


if you ask most of the testers a lot of them will say “idk what’s going on in there, haven’t checked in a while” or something along the lines of using it for PvP/sandbox, so yeah, I’d say this is true

The only tester I can perceive is competent is Fluect.

I want to be proven wrong with the assumption that testers are using the TU as a sandbox. If not, then it is time for vetex to hire a professional QA tester at this point.

Pretty sure testers just play the TU like main game, expect with the new patch notes

pretty much all of the major bugs that were in the update were not happening in our testing

people need to stop blaming testers any time theres a huge problem, if a huge bug makes it into the update then its something we didn’t encounter in testing or obviously it would have been fixed. this isn’t some issue of not testing enough, sometimes its literally unexplainable why something happens in the main game when it never happens in the test universe

kids always say “id be so much better of a tester than the current ones” no, you wouldn’t. and you’d get the same shit they do when you’re getting blamed for not finding a bug you never encountered in your testing lmao

edit: also as for smaller bugs, we have a lot of them already known, its just that there isn’t enough time in each update to fix every single bug, especially when the balance doc takes 5 days, and id rather prioritize fixing every small bug for the full release update


the problem is 99% of balancers aren’t testers, vetex vetoes half their proposals and makes things like armor piercing ignore parry

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Bro asked testers and got responses from non testers



Literally what vetex said


Lmao Vetex shut the haters up real quick huh

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Contrary to popular belief, we actually DO test the game, admittedly not towards a crazy extent, but we do try to at least get to job done, for as far as volunteer work goes

Usually (and hopefully) the testing process involves testing any new feature or any bug that we’ve logged that has been reported, with anything that we believe a normal player would encounter, or anything that we think would cause some sort of issue and trying to see if it can be replicated or finding the issues, and logging them. There are also a few that go above and beyond and check every nook and cranny of a new feature

Not the most complex process, we don’t go out of our way to test the most obscure things like a game studio would, but once again it’s volunteer work, to anyone out there that you think you can do better you definitely don’t know what you’d be getting into lol


So, if what you’re saying is true, you’re getting a lot of flak for things you have little control over. I feel like, more than anything, you don’t need new testers, you just need decent minded people representing testers to put forward a sense of good will.

Sorry if you took offense to the original post, I made it specifically to try and get information and make people more understanding of testers/developer and their processes.


Thanks for the response, and I’m sorry for all the hostile feedback that’s been happening this first part of the nimbus sea update.