Testers, What is Your Process?

Droprates no longer arbitrarily bullshit

isnt it smth like much less of the AO community has ghost weapons, making it much easier to restore? im sure most of them have probably just done it, tired of waiting for a restore. so you can restore the people who are left. while you will feel bad for not restoring them and theyll get angry, at least some ppl get a restore ig
but that might make the whole community even more angry so idk
ofc yall prob thought of everything i jst said but still said no so

I’m pretty sure the only issue with restoring people is the sheer amount of people who need restores. I don’t think there’s ever been a wipe this big before.


Yeah, but im not saying to restore everyone, im jst saying the ppl who still have ghost weapons maybe (not biased cause i have them)
I feel like thats around 1/10th of the original number, tho it might be more tbh

I assume the numerous dark sea issues from this event were also not found in the TU? Atleast i do very much hope so. Theres no way testers missed atlantean brigs and islands spawn RIGHT in front of them right :sob:? Either the TU is some bug free paradise or the testers are tripping. Seeing the responses in this topic, its likely the former but some of these bugs are genuinely obvious af tho. I just dont get it :skull:

This one probably happens because public servers are under stress for hours on end, which can’t quite be replicated on TU

I really hope thats the reason for it. Ig a good way to test that hypothesis is to check if these spawns still happen in a new and near empty server

there was actually a bug fixed with dark sea island generation, so this is actually how it is supposed to be i think

shut UP let us have this

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This is not how its supposed to be. Youre not supposed to have a brig spawn 50m in front of you while youre sailing

Bro this is NOT a good thing :skull::skull:

i just entered insanity 1 for the first time since the update dropped

i now wholeheartedly agree with you


On the patchnotes this spawn rate change looked amazing i agree. But how it was implemented in game is just painful :sob:. Imagine sailing and looking away for 2 seconds which causes you to ram into an atlantean brig… say goodbye to atleast 5k durability :skull:

my friend and i had an atlantean brig spawn in front of us, and then like 3 more ships spawned back to back 10 seconds inbetween :sob:

i mean when i did i4 ds running for epicenter this happened like once to me and it only ever cost about ~1k durability, which sucks but its not like that bad

That isnt too bad but if you had been even a little bit more unlucky then that couldve happened two more times and cost you way more durability. Like alex said, multiple ships can spawn in close succession and if theyre all brigs with mortars then thats gonna hurt. And that is excluding any cannons they might fire