TFW you see someone try and kill you with a 20 blast

Idk man I’m so bored

idk, it’s fun af with Ash

They usually are easy pickings so not complaining


fr imagine 20 blast

19 blast winnin

20 blast is actually very smart if you know the secrets

I mean if you’re fighting somebody that you win clashes with it can be useful

smh my head

no 20 blast is like never useful unless you got aimbot

Or wind and the other person is in a corner :frcryin:

20 blast is usefull in boss fights

Um? NO. It’s like you want mino to walk up to you and smash your ass into the ground.
If you legitimately use 20 blasts on bosses wtf are you doing.


20 blasts are useful if you’re low level and trying to snipe npcs (bandits/magic council)

6 blasts are just statistically far better for that

why does that sound so familiar? I think it was some guy called crying sun? Don’t remember.


Why would you do it on the ground? You go into the air and use your 20 blasts. If your aim is good you would get a better dmg trade off

6 blasts just do it better

I will test that myself but your probably right. I might just keep it at 6

Yeah, but mino throws like 20 axes per second

I have glass magic and i can kill mino and exiled with only 20 blast. You just go up to them and spam. For exiled stay on the ground and close to them so he dosnt used oath spam, while you should stay off the ground when fighting mino cause the charge. I do have 38 casting speed but 20 blasts are very good for boss fights.