That Magic Power Simulator Dev Log

wouldn’t it make sense (and conserve the weight of the blade) if you just made it wider and shorter?

huh what

make the fire blade shorter, and wider.

cloud sword looking thing idk

wait, you want it to look like cloudbuster sword?

just spitballin ideas here

I just think it looks sorta goofy as is rn because it’s super duper comically long and thin

which one should i make next (only 1 can make it for early release, but all will be added soon)
  • halberd
  • spear
  • trident
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also i just realized there are no green weapons planned in the doc rn

The Balance (Halberd) Wins!

Sorry, Torasenara and the phoenix spear. You will be added later.

If you were isekai’d into That Magic Power Simulator world and could have one weapon from the poll list, what would it be? Assume you want to become a strong and ignore all equipment/unlock requirements.

I’d choose Furinsajor, Kalitsajor, or Phoenix Spear.

  • Furinsajor (+magic)
  • Kalitsajor
  • Haitsenkori
  • Torasenara
  • The Balance
  • Phoenix Spear
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  • A dagger forged from the salvaged blade of a spear. The spear named Kalitsajor was supposed to be enchanted with the ability to drain an enemy’s energy. Something went wrong with the enchanting process that caused it to do the exact opposite. However, the enemy would be invigorated with a dangerous amount of mana. To use this dagger effectively, one must pierce themself so the dagger touches their flesh and yields the full invigorating effect. Be careful, as overuse can cause severe harm or death.


  • A magical spear forged with the ability to drain an enemy’s mana on hit. The spear has an older copy which was discarded because the enchanting process went horribly wrong and it invigorated enemies with mana instead. The older copy was salvaged to form a dagger called Furinsajor.


  • A very heavy greatsword with a long handle that invokes a hungry bloodlust to the wielder. The wielder slowly damages themself every time they attack due to how hard they’re pushing their body. They can also swing this weapon extremely fast. The wielder would become so hungry using this weapon that they have the urge to eat their enemies alive.


  • A trident that calms the user down with the feeling of gentle tides and winds when held. It releases waves of energy that disrupt the enemies magic-energy, decreasing it’s stats but not damage them, when it hits it gives a size-buff to your abilities for a couple of seconds. However, letting go of the trident disables the enemies’ de-buff. (Requires to hit again once the effect is disabled) The weapon also decreases the effectiveness of debuffs on yourself as long as you hold the trident, may the trident only respond whenever you hold it in your hands.

The Balance

  • A huge halberd forged out of the sun, the moon and some golden metal. Representative of the universe’s balance itself, it can only be wielded by the worthy.

Phoenix Spear

  • A burning spear of fire and life that can heal its user. There are rumors that even if this spear breaks, it can repair itself. The spear was owned by Isketra, an infamous warlord. He healed defeated soldiers enough so that they could remain alive, but not enough to be able to fight so they would become liabilities for their kingdom.

Why’d you name your game “That Magic Power Simulator”? Specifically, why did you have to include the “That” in the beginning of the title?? It just doesn’t ring. Of course, it’s your game, and I don’t have any power to stop you from naming your game “That Magic Power Simulator”, but that isn’t going to stop me from questioning your choice of title.

It reminds me “A 0ne Piece Game”. Just sounds low effort. Sure, you’re definitely putting a decent amount of effort into your game- but if you ask me, the quality of the game is 80% and the title is 20%.

If you have a good game but you just name it “I love cookies”, you’re game wouldn’t be half as popular if you named it “Cookie Gobbling Simulator” or “Cookie Crumbler”… you know, something creative. On the other hand, some games are good enough or addictive enough for people to want to share it on their own accord(so you would be able to thrive off of just a few players who are sharing the game with friends- example, blox fruits, a one piece game, etc).

Have I truly lost it? Have I truly become a monster?

idk i couldnt really think of anything

choose one (if randomness votes, their choice auto-wins)
  • (top image) the glowing parts are flat to the metal halberd blade
  • (bottom image) the glowing parts have depth and are deeper
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oh god the pressure

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i current have furinsajor, kalitsajor, haitsenkori, avolition, and balance. idk if i should have a 6th weapon before release and what weapon should it be?

(not guarantee) based on the names alone, which weapon would you like added
  • Alakorin’s Equinox
  • Annihilator Hand Cannon
  • Assassin’s Dagger
  • Dragonclaw Dagger
  • Phoenix Spear
  • Plasmatic Caestus
  • Point
  • Shadows of Seizharin
  • Spirit Cage/Skibidi Spirit Toilet
  • Stormbolt
  • Sylph’s Zephyr
  • Tendon Acumen
  • The Ferritin King
  • Torasenara
  • Verdant Serpent
  • Finish all the weapon base types
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bonus question: when should i use “the” at the start of a weapon’s name?

Curious how you’ll handle Tendon Acumen :eyes:

code-wise, each item has a stringvalue indicating its base type. tendon acumen works by changing that base type. changing a weapons base type usually results in different abilites, but i can make it so that tendon acumen always has a “change base type” ability

model-wise, im fucked since i have to make like 9 models

Acumen’s concept is still really cool I might make it return in Forum Curses Act 2 but I can’t remember my plans.

what if… blue haitsenkori?

i just thought of this random idea called stage emotes

these might get added if there’s ranked pvp in the game, basically an emote your character does during like their introduction for the first 5 seconds

“on the other side, we have… Archenhailor!” archenhailor does her owner-exclusive emote

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