The ability to change weapon skill keybinds, aka “Weapon Manipulation Scroll”

The ability to change weapon skill keybinds, aka “Weapon Manipulation Scroll”
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Now, we all know how customizable the keybinds for magic and fighting styles are. Create a spell on any key q-v, and you can even swap them! What do weapons have? uhhhh…
let me think for a bit…
Oh right! Gem crafting! which we have absolutely no idea what it does so we will ignore it yay

This isn’t a suggestion to allow you to rebind any ley, because those are kinda stupid, neither is it one to suggest the ability to change weapon skills like others. My suggestion is to create a new scroll named the Weapon Manipulation Scroll (other names also work).

What it is used for

In short, using this scroll on any weapon allows you to switch the keybinds for that specific weapon type.
Meaning all thrusting type weapons would be affected if you put shining cycle on q, however colossal thrusting wont as its a different weapon type. (i think)
This scroll would only be able to be used once, and would be deleted on use just like enchantment scrolls.

So why do I want this feature?

Each weapon has its own unique skills, which is really cool. However, its sometimes weird to use because weapons share similar skills that may not be on same key. Take thrusting type weapons, which the has a grab - piercing strikes - on q and an aoe move, shining cycle, on e.
then say you are also using a greataxe, which had an aoe move on q and a projectile on e. this would make it so a lot of the times you make get confused and use a grab when you think you are using an aoe, or use a projectile when you want to combo with an aoe.
the wms helps solve this problem by allowing players to switch around the keybinds so you can have the ranged moves on the same key and the aoes on the same key, and would make gameplay with weapons generally a lot easier.

god i hate mobile (so you should vote to relieve my pain yes)

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the ui it opens could be a simplified version of the magic info ui, with the bars a bit more spaced apart and only a faint border

oh god yes, i mess up keys all the god damn time.

why not just… create a separate weapons ui tab? would also allow stuff like name changing for moves too.
i dont see why magics and fstyles are able to rebind for free but not weapons


bc weapons are meant to be set skills

Correct, however it accomplishes the same thing and more that the community wants without the grind and a way for it to make sense is you can change weapon in a top section that allows you to change what weapon, but you would have to have it equipped

what about a weapon UI that lists out every weapon type and every weapon skill.
you can swap them around to the keys you want but the most customization you’d be able to do is alter the name a little or give it a new prefix with imbued weapons.

That would work. Basically the weapon UI would have categories like:

  • Bow
  • Sword
  • Greatsword
  • Pistol
  • Dual Pistol
  • Rapier
  • Musket
  • Dual swords

However, the problem would be for weapons with unique skills (like vindicator and sunken sword) as they would require their own uis.

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It could act like the Fish Journal, as you unlock weapons you also unlock their keybinds.

That would be better lol

The QOL idea is one many have suggested, but it seems you want to make it a scroll for some reason. There is no reason to make QOL a rare drop, just make it a menu somewhere. It can fit in between the strength tab and the order tab with a bit of shrinking and moving. The order tab could also be moved because it is very forgettable.

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its a scroll bc weapons are meant not to be straight up customizable. having a normal skill ui defeats the purpose of weapons being different from magic and fstyles. making it a scroll helps it so it doesnt seem the exact same as the other 2 by making it so you dont have it at start and have to unlock it through grind. never said the rarity either, which i would probably have said around 1/30 from a sealed.

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this could use some more work but i would want a way to change weapon keybinds cause i dont like having grab moves on q

why not just make a button when showing a weapons skills that allows you to rebind them? making a basic quality of life feature a rare item seems pointless


i dont see how letting you swap the keybinds makes them straight up customizable? youre not changing anything about the weapon or skills itself just changing the key, i feel like theres no reason to make it an item even if it isnt rare, just feels like extra steps to me

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I can understand the appeal of not being able to customize your weapons, but that doesn’t justify locking basic QOL behind a goddamn scroll. Just like what @dogs said, letting you swap keybinds doesn’t necessarily make them customizable. I will admit that a weapons tab does imply customization, but I at least want to change keybinds without having to get a rare drop, and I think it will be simple enough to not count as customization.

i decided to make it a scroll because i assume the logic behind the weapons is that they are crafted/made to have a specific set of skills, and that it would be hard to change what you can do with them without some otherworldly help, hence the scroll because all the other scroll type things are like ancient power (hence lost scrolls and the power scroll quest being from an ancient cave thing)


so? weapons are different in the fact that their moves are based off of the three weapon types you use, being able to change the keybind of those moves with a menu wouldn’t make it different at all
and even if it did, who cares?

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