The Assassination

Awoken by a noise, the man stood up. He began to turn to get the light when the cold deadly blade slid in front of his throat. It was silent like as if it knew it would be his end. The man heard a sound in his ear, faint, but like a cat purring.

Then the blade moved and he felt his own ruby red blood slosh onto his hands and out of his body It felt cold and warm at the same time, an embrace. This is the end, thought the man before fading into darkness.

The assassin watched with envy in the silence. There was never a noise just the blood, all the dark red liquid spraying out of from the man’s throat. The assassin opened the window curtains and vanished in the night.

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You somtimes captlisise things randomly which breaks immersion but it’s still cool other then that.

Fixed it for a more immersive air.

Should I be concerned? :thinking:

Concerned with your cats killing you. Yes.

Oh, I re-read it and apparently I didn’t read it too careful first time


could be done a tad bit better. Maybe something like
The death was as silent as night. Only the red blood splashing out of the open wound as the body collapse on the ground empty of life.

Or if you want it to stay the same then
There was never a noise, just the blood, just the dark red blood spraying out of the corpse.

Feedback very helpful. Thank you.

ay nice

real slick story there

let’s hope none of us are next.