The Brand

I was going to include this in my 200 hours without magic topic but since it’s about a “guild” (more or less a glorified bank with randoms in it) and my view of guilds I didn’t think it belonged there and somewhat deserved it’s own topic. Guild members hunting guild members was extremely common once upon a time, it’s died down a bit but by no means is it over. It is almost like being in a guild makes you a target, well, to me that’s exactly how I see it. Being in a guild brings you far more enemies than anything else. So if guilds are more like targets then why’d I make one?

To be a target

My favorite manga, nay, my favorite story features a mark, a symbol, a brand that the main character had forced on his body. It marks him as a sacrifice, an offering to creatures of darkness. It attracts them like moths to a flame. With this series being so close to me and the author passing away I figured I must show my love for the series in a game that I enjoy, by making that brand the logo for my guild. That way I too can attract “creatures of darkness”, those who wish to hunt and kill me.

Am I taking this a bit too seriously? Yes, but it’s hella fun so let me be :frcryin:

This “guild” I made shares my outlook towards guilds while also showing my love for what, to me, is the greatest unfinished story of our time (hyping it a bit too much but I love it). I can’t imagine a better “guild” for me honestly. :frhigh:

what is your guild i want to find your randoms and kill them

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happy hunting

wait ive already killed some of your randoms lol


A rank that has no magic you must be a Bounty Hunter or Bandit!

Lol u were watching me yesterday pvping but I didn’t feel like killing you cause you seemed chill

Lazy aab

I’m never the one to attack first, unless someone kills a merchant/smuggler with items I want, then it’s fair game. :fr:

advice: watch out for tigerbaby or Galtron if you don’t want to get drained :smiling_imp:


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