The_elment's Giveaway! (Results! 🥳)


Due to my shop reaching 100 edits :partying_face: :confetti_ball:, I’ve decided to do a lil sumn sumn that’s a lil bitty special!

I’ve decided to give back a little bit and do a cheeky little giveaway, of course, I know I get basically nothing out of this (other than publicity ig), since I wouldn’t really say forumers are the most grateful people out there…but I really just wanted an excuse to do a devious little giveaway. :sunglasses:

I’ll be giving away: 1 clean woj, 1 clean oath, 1 hard oath, 1 hard vastira, a forceful exiled armour set, and 5 other miscellaneous bad enchant boss armour pieces.

But wait a second…there’s 12 items and surely that’s a lot for just a single person right? Well that’s where you’re right little jimmy! There’ll be 3 DIFFERENT WINNERS!!! and ALL of them get to choose 4 items that they want. :relieved:

Wow isn’t that great!!! I know young jimmy it’s fantastic!! And all they have to do is just vote on the poll at the bottom! :point_down: :smirk:

To ensure fairness, the 3 winners can only pick one boss weapon at a time, so the first winner can’t just snag all of them for themselves, and a wheel will be used to decide the pickers, it will be recorded to guarantee the people who entered that it was not biased or altered. The wheel will be spun at the poll’s closing, and the winners will have to PM me on the forum and I will get back to them ASAP!

Do you enter?
  • Yes!!

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P.S: People whom I know are wealthy will NOT be included in the wheel, aswell as people with very new accounts (since they could be alts n such)


pls include me im poor :pray:

I literally have never gotten a boss drop (no lie).

hey shit on me for having no headlesses rq im too lazy to get more boss items and i have like none rn

i was originally going to add onto the P.S and say that specifically you box and people like you couldnt join but i fucking forgot and the joke opportunity is gone now :pensive: :pensive:

wdym you have one minitroll

Shut the fuck up
I love you

the best thing about this giveaway is you can either be the meanest motherfucker to me or the nicest motherfucker to me and it wont matter since its rng baby WOOOO

but you do technically have one :cold_sweat:

also either way thats not the sole reason ur not gonna be allowed to enter u have plenty of sunkens and boss drops xd



thanks for the meme babe luv u


holy shit this sentence made me from mildly irritated due to wanting to sleep to geniunely fucking shocked wtf i never expected you to ever be wholesome to me please keep this up misinput :cry: :crying_cat_face:


I have quite a bit of boss drops so good luck to whoever gets them :+1:

Woj :drooling_face:

Pls gib me por :pray::pray::pray:

Am I rich :pleading_face:

im a poor man in leather armor pls pick me

no headless

1 headless*

Let me in