The entire forums fight each other to the death while i just watch

its the number of kingdoms btw if you cant tell already


He could be including GN and AS as kingdoms due to their influence and size of their eventual HQ’s


Agora is most powerfull organisation

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We knew that Grand Navy used to be a kingdom, so that probs counts as an existing kingdom in the War Seas, but wont count towards the overall kingdoms as banners in the ship since its also a rep clan.

Assassin Syndicate is unknown, but we knew its an organization of assassins that has contract deals, and sometimes thing group also helps during war, but idk if this counts as a kingdom, seems more like some big organization. Theres probs other big organizations, and they don’t have to be kingdoms. So I wonder whats that last one…

Idk, I could be wrong


idk if he counted winterveil since it doesnt exist anymore

He didnt since he only says “1 in game”, meaning that Winterveil didnt count. Though its possivle that hes counting a fallen kingdom because its waayyy more important in the game? Idk

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Amazing, the author changing stuff in his story, truly new to see

The problem is that: Not new.

that’s the joke

I know.

Wtf literally unplayable


yeah this isnt too surprising

Considering the 12 kingdoms planned is more recent, it could just be that he changed his mind and decided to make 2 more kingdoms or changed his mind on what counts as a kingdom.

I thought topic starter meant that it changed from 12 to 10, it isn’t?

Other way around


Well considering the Brig was made last month I would assume the Brig related updates are older than the X/Twitter posts that happened 3 days ago.


I think you may need to reanalyze your concept of “big time”

shhh i did it to get people to click on it