The Fate of the Forums

While there’s probably a million “what are you planning to do when AO releases…” posts, I wanted to ask a slightly different question. The forums I feel have evolved into a bit more than just a waiting hub for Arcane Odyssey (#off-topic being the best example of this). Anyway, what do you plan on doing once AO releases? Specifically, will you stay on the forums or leave, or maybe even just be a little less active? I’m fairly certain @DubiousLittleTyp0’s staying for a bit.

the posts will likely be much less redundant and better I guess, you’ll also see #marketplace and #clans:clan-recruitment become more active, most people will stay but spend more time playing AO

I’m going to camp out in another forum and then return when things have uhh
settled down

I’d stay in the forums for a while lol

I have something I wanna do here, which should be some fun for Us, a fuckton of work for me, and a fuckton of suffering fun for you

I’m gonna get like 50 notifications an hour. Shit’s gonna be rough but I’m looking forward to it.


i will draw morden


I think i’ll stay and try to enjoy the game as much as possible, trying to enjoy whatever wonky builds i can with my main files. whenever i get crazy ideas, i’ll test them out with artis who will be my experimental character.

the fate of the forums? :worried:

it sounded cool

and dramatic

very dramatic

I’ll take every piece of useful info people post in order to gain the highest damage possible.

I’ll stay here since I won’t have my pc to play AO

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staying at least until i get devotee

ill be less active, probably only using the forums if im either really bored, have questions about ao, or am trading

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Making some god awful suggestions once those reopen (though those will probably have to wait for full release)

I’ll stay. When AO releases it’ll be prime time to start posting, and it’ll be easier to find people who would grind with you.
Although, not many people know about the forums, so it could stay about the same.

less active but on each day at least once. want the aficionado badge.


I’ll definitely be less active hell I’m already becoming less active but I’m not leaving the forums if anything ill lurk around and see if anyone found cool tech/share my own tech I found.

definitely still gonna be active, arcane odyssey is just another game that i like to play over talking on a forum or discord

Probably won’t be very active