The Flare | Chapter 1 - Beginning |

Everyone is a hero, you may not see it from a homeless man living with rags and sticks or a lady in an abusive relationship, but there is always something in them that keeps them alive…The drive to fight on through the difficulties of their life and find the path lit up for them.

Now for introductions! My name is Percy Calding, I was born in the town of Summerhold and things are going well, top of my classes, wonderful parents and friends with many great classmates, but the thing that has my jaw opened to the floor is Amy Drake…i knew she already has feelings for another boy…but…oh well.

I have been studying the arts of potion making, just something about creating different Concoctions that can boost a normal human or wizards’ performance always interested me, there are also studies into creating ways to create artificial magic throughout them, that can gift magicless people like me, the power we always dreamed for.

And now i study and wait home for a special event tonight, as the greatest potion-maker in Magius will visit the auditorium within Summerhold to show us his revolutionary project

“Hey Perce!”
His father and mother, Frank and Ruby Calding entered his room

“Oh, hey you two, you’re here early!”
Percy would hug his parents.

“Looking forward to that Auditorium with that old man again, Huh?”
Father laughed.

“He isn’t just an old man, he’s the greatest alchemist in the world, he’s…he’s my idol.”
Percy replied.

“I thought i was Perce…”
His dad raised an eyebrow with a faint smile.

“I didn’t mean it like-”
Percy tried rephrasing.

“Oh, i’m just kidding, i know i am!”
They both smiled as his dad brushed his hair before leaving his room.

-Two Hours Later | Summerhold-

The bright sky shines upon the streets of a Kingdom called Summerhold as kids run past the path walks towards a building flooded with people

“There’s no way the greatest alchemist in the world is visiting our auditorium to announce his newest project!”
A red-haired boy named Danny spoke to his friends as he sat down to watch the master of brewing enter the room.

Just then, Derius Graves entered the room, he wore the finest black suit, neat dark-grey hair and crystal blue eyes as the whole crowd cheered.

“I am thankful you can all join me today, for now, i want to show you my greatest research yet!”
Derius spoke to the crowded room, the entire room filled with people to the point people sat on the ground due to the lack of chairs.

-Percy Calding’s room-

Percy was fast asleep on his chair, a dripple of salvia drooped onto his study book.

A loud thunderstorm echoed throughout the grey sky as Percy woke up.

“AH! …what a minute what is the-”
Percy looked out his window to see the Auditorium building surrounded by people.

“Dinner will be on the dinner when you come back.”
Mother spoke as she watched Percy speed out the house.

Percy raced outside his house taking his book and quill with him to write everything Mr. Graves had to say and announce.

“Yes, of course that combination of ingredients would create a potion that can greatly enhance a user’s magic power for a short time, which is relating to the main topic of discussion.”
Mr. Graves waved his hand outwards to his right as two assistants carrying some sort of object covered in a sheet of dark cloth.

“I want to introduce to you all the Arcane-Meliorator, A.M.R for short.”
Mr. Graves removed the cloth off to reveal a totem made of a refined stone, roughly the same height as an average human with a glowing white rune in the center of it.

“After some expert-crafting and by the use of magic and brewing alike, we created this totem that can help increase the little magic found within magicless humans and increase to the point of baring magic”
Mr. Graves spoke to the audience, the blinding white light almost hypnotizing the citizens with amazement.

The thunderstorm continued growing louder and louder, as Percy stood outside desperately waiting to enter.

“I’m sorry everyone, the building has reached maximum occupancy!”
A Magic Council Guard stood infront of the door surrounded by many disappointed townsfolk

“Uagh, i was too late…”
Percy looked down in disbelief before looking at Amy Drake, a girl from his potion study class.

Percy’s heart began racing and walked towards her, however, quietly said no to himself and walked away.

“Hey, Percy, is it?”
Amy touched his shoulder, his face growing bright red.

“Oh, Amy, i had no idea you were interested in Derius Graves.”
Percy smiled as they both began talking.


“Now folks, i have a couple of volunteers who would-”
Derius was caught off by the furious Thunderstorm.

And then, a lightning bolt burst through the ceiling of the building and clashed down onto the totem, causing not only for it to activate, but to also malfunction.

Derius stood there, as the Totem began releasing a beam straight into the sky and went into the clouds and after a moment of silence, the clouds began raining down multiple-colored blasts of magic down all over Magius.

“…What was that?”
Percy looked up into the air.

“Take cover!”
The Magic Council guards yelled at the citizens to take cover.

Percy ran under a building; however, Amy wasn’t behind him. He saw Amy helping an injured man out of ruble that fell of him. Percy ran over to quickly help the man free.

“Bless you kids, Bless you.”
The injured men limped over under a building.

Just then, Percy looked up into the sky as a magic blast was about to struck Amy.

Percy yelled in fear, sprinting towards her, pushing her out the way as the blast hit him.

Percy would be knocked through a window and knocked unconscious.

Amy’s beautiful voice would fade away as his vision went to black, with a small spark of magic coming off his hand.

-Percy’s Mind-

Percy woke up and found himself sat down on a wooden chair; he looked around the void-like expanse, it was like he was on floating chair in the middle of nowhere, all there was the sky, a peachy sunset.

He felt a humming voice in his head as a bright sun emerged from the distant horizon, the bright light did not blind him as he stared directly into the sun and felt an absorbing sensation, eventually his arms began glowing with magical energy.

-1 Week Later | Alchemist Headquarters-

“Did you finish the rest of the devil shrooms?”
A feminine voice, heavily muffled in the ears of Percy spoke.

“Yeah, we’ll order new ones for the sleep potions.”
A male voice replied to the women’s question.

Percy gasped as he sat upright on the bed he was resting on, the room he was in looked very much like a laboratory where potion-makers would study and create new formulas.

“Woah, Woah, take it easy there, not any regular human as yourself tanks a magic blast like that and doesn’t need a long period for your body to rest.”
The man spoke walking over to Percy.

“Where’s Amy, where is she?”
Percy looked at the man, he had blonde hair, fair skin and dark brown eyes, dressed in white wizard robes.

“Is that the strange girl who demand to visit you almost every day? Well, uhm, she’s fine just very concerned about your seven-day coma.”
The male alchemist raised an eyebrow.

Percy could not help but smile knowing that his school crush really cared that much to visit him so frequently.

“Your body has been rapidly changing ever since you’ve been blasted by the Arcane-Meliorator, it’s possible you’re experiencing the positive effects of the experiment.”
The women spoke.

“And…the…negative effects?”
Percy slowly responded in confusion.

Just then, none other than Derius Graves entered the room, dressed very much the same as when he attended the last auditorium.

“None so far, other than the galleons i had to pay for damages.”
Mr. Graves removed some gloves and placed them on a nearby bench.

Percy’s heart began racing in excitement as his idol stood before him but controlled himself and wiped the smirk off his face.

“Ah you must one of the many Collateral damages we had, Percy. I believe you already know my name, i checked your diary and knew you were quite the fan of my work, sorry if that was an invasion of privacy.”
Mr. Graves would apologize.

“It’s…no problem at all.”
Percy smiled as he responded.

“Mhm…i believe you’ve already met my two assistants, Violet and Nickolas.”
Mr. Graves looked over to the both of them.

Percy slowly got up from the bed and began looking around the building he was in, he saw many shelves filled with various potions each one labelled with the corresponding potion-type. He couldn’t help but to smile like a kid inside a toy shop.

“Well, let’s test out some of them positive effects, now?”
Mr. Graves tapped Percy on the shoulder, grabbing his attention again.

“I’m sorry but, i really need to get going home, my parents must be worried sick!”
Percy spoke after a long while of discission"

“Your parents will be picking you up shortly, it’s mandatory to examine the extend of your new magic capabilities.”
Mr. Graves spoke as they all began exiting the building.

-Twenty-minutes later | Grassy field outside of Summerhold-

All the scientists were seated behind a rock for protection as Percy walked towards a test dummy wearing protective magic-proof suit.

“You should be fine, Percy! These suits were made by me and is designed to protect the wearer against low-level attacks of magic!”
Nickolas yelled out loud.

“Most anyway, how are you feeling Percy?”
Violet followed up Nickolas’s statement.

“Well, this suit is very uncomfortable but, i feel alright so far.”
Percy replied back, stretching near the crotch area of the suit as it was fairly tight fitted.

Percy stood there for a while, holding out his hand and hoping something would come out of them.

Percy began saying random types of magic, attempting to cast his spell.

After reciting every magic type he could think of he was all out of ideas. Until Mr. Graves leaned forward, his eyes slowly squinting."

“How about Flare magic?”
Mr. Graves gave a suggestion.

Violet and Nickolas both looked at Mr. Graves in confusion, as lost magic types were often unable to be naturally gifted.

“Flare Blast!”
Percy held his hand outwards as Flare magic shot out his hand knocking himself backwards meanwhile heavily singeing the test dummy and burning the hay inside.

“WOAH! That was amazing!”
Percy rested on the ground looking at the damage he caused on the test dummy.

“…How did you know?”
Violet turned to look at Mr. Graves.

“Let’s just say the A.M.R totem can apply any magic onto the user, natural or even lost types”
Mr. Graves replied.

Percy raced over to the other scientists, jumping up and down in joy.

“You mustn’t tell your parents immediately, who knows what their reactions could be.”
Nickolas spoke.

“Yeah, yeah, i won’t tell them just yet.”
Percy smiled shaking all of their hands

Just then Percy’s parents arrived as they took Percy back home.

-Four hours later | The Calding’s House-

Percy began resting more, his body still resting from when the magic blast had stuck him but then began thinking about Amy and the fact how she always visiting him after his week coma, He slowly began opening his window until his father knocked on the door.

“Is it alright to enter?”
Percy’s dad spoke behind the door.

“UHMM- y- yeah, yeah, sure, come in!”
Percy quickly went back through the window and onto his bed.

His dad opened the door, noticing the opened window and the awkward face Percy had.

“Heh, live a little kid.”
His dad smiled, giving him the thumbs up and closed the door.

Percy smiled and went through his window to visit Amy Drake.

Percy Calding walked past town in the dawn of night, going to the Materials store where Amy Drake was working at for the past few weeks, she was just about to close the store, sweeping the dusty wooden surface of the store.

Knock, Knock, Knock
Percy went up to the door and knocked.

“Sorry, the store is now closed, please come tomorrow if you can!”
Amy went towards the door and opened it to see Percy standing there.

“Oh my lord, you’re awake!”
Amy hugged Percy, his face growing as red as a freshly farmed, sun-enriched tomato.

“Haha, yeah I’m awake…”
Percy smiled as Amy let go of Percy.

“I’ve been wanting to thank you ever since you saved him from that magic blast from the clouds, no one has ever done that, not even my own boyfriend.”
Amy held her hands together infront of her.

Percy slowly looked down on the floor feeling a heartbreak in his chest after hearing she was already in a relationship.

“It’s really, no problem at all.”
Percy followed up after a few seconds of silence.

“So uhm, i came here wondering if you would want…i don’t know, come for a hangout at the Alchemist headquarters next night-”
Percy stuttered through his sentence, being cut off at the end by Amy.

“Yeah, i would really love that.”
Amy smiled, of course being as much as a potion-nerd as Percy was.

Percy’s face was frozen with an awkward smile growing on his face.

Amy nodded, smiling with her bright, white teeth.

“I’ll see you there, partner.”
Amy smiled before closing the store and going back to cleaning the store.

Percy smiled running back home through town, avoiding the guards that roamed the night of Summerhold, all while he wanted to test out his magic again. He had seen many wizards performing something called “magic leaps” that propelled the user into the air and wanted to see if he could perform the same feat.

“Okay, okay, i got this, i got this…”
Percy’s eyes narrowed at the window of his room.

Percy sprinted towards his home, feeling a charge up of magic energy within his entire body, all of it going towards his legs and finally released.

“Flare Leap!”
Percy unleashed the build up from his legs and flew into the air and successfully going straight through his window and crashing into his room.

“What’s going on in there?”
Percy’s mother questioned.

“Just exercise…”
Percy responded, taking off his shoes and went to bed.

-Eleven hours later | Alchemist Headquarters-

Percy walked into the main room of the Headquarters, it was surprisingly quiet and the cauldron that would often be bubbling was rested.

Percy wandered around the building, searching every room but there was still no one to be seen.

There was one room left, which he hadn’t even been in yet, the test chambers, he was told to never enter them but out of curiosity and since no one was here, he entered anyway.

He entered a room with about a dozen test chambers, with a person inside one of them.

The deranged man yelled at Percy, his eyes glowing a light-yellow while salvia drooled out of his mouth.

While this was happening, Derius Graves, Nickolas Barion and Violet Silver all entered the same room.

“Percy, we told you not to go in here, dammit!”
Nickolas raced over and threw a potion at the insane man, putting him asleep.

“Who even was that? Why are you keeping people in test chambers?”
Percy’s high respect for them had dropped a lot from this discovery.

Nickolas and Violet both looked at Derius, his face in a serious grimace with his arms crossed.

“Ever since that Arcane Meliorater malfunctioned due to lightning striking it, it released dozens of magical blasts all over Magius…you’re not the only regular human gifted by the incident that happened a week ago.”
Derius spoke.

“And that man was one of many of them, however, he held a grudge against me after he accidently murdered his family due to his magic being unstable. So, he came all the way from Bell Village to kill me but failed.”
Derius spoke.

The insane man quickly got back up and smiled at them all, the glowing eyes bringing fear into them all.

“Explosive Blast!”
The dark wizard yelled, blowing up the chamber and knocking Percy and the others back into the room they entered from.

Percy then realized that he made a grave mistake, he knew that Amy would arrive here at any moment and she would be put into danger, it’s either she gets hurt, or his secret gets revealed to her.

“Derius Graves! Come out now you bastard!”
The Dark Wizard yelled, walking out from the room.

“Everyone go!”
Derius and the others ran into another room before sealing it off with a gate, all of them hiding behind a wooden table.

“Nickolas, do you still have your magic-protection suit?”
Percy questioned.

“Yeah why…wait…don’t tell me you’re going to fight him? We do not know his full capabilities, I’m not even sure the suit could tank an explosion user!”
Nickolas yelled back, of course not letting him do something reckless.

“We have no other choice to make, i have to beat him otherwise we are all going to die, even Amy!”
Percy begged.

“…Check the storage room in the third compartment, it’s somewhere in there.”
Nickolas finally replied back.

The door that protected them from the Dark Wizard began breaking, Derius, Violet and Nickolas all got up and scattered around the room, hiding behind the many shelves of potions as Percy raced to the storage room to find the suit.

The Dark Wizard finally broke down the door, slowly walking through the smoke that was left behind after many magic blasts.

The Dark Wizard screamed again; his eyes glowing yellow.

The insane wizard began searching around the room looking for them, Derius holding his breath as he hid behind a shelf of potions.

Nickolas slowly peaked behind the corner, seeing the dark wizard slowly approaching Violet’s hiding spot, he quickly grabbed a blindness potion and threw it at the wizard.

The dark wizard roared in pain, sending off explosion blasts all over the room, breaking down multiple shelves of potions.

“Yeah, who’s the alpha male now, huh?”
Nickolas grabbed another potion and threw it at the Dark Wizard.

“Barion, NO!”
Derius yelled at Nickolas as he held his hand out outward to him.

The Dark wizard would be hit by a speed potion, smiling, he then immediately dashed across the room towards Derius, grabbing him by the neck and slamming him against the wall, pinning him against it.

“Augh- I’m- I’m sorry Lennox! I never intended for the A.M.R to go haywire!”
Derius pleaded for his life.

“You’re the reason my family is dead! You don’t get to be sorry!”
The Dark Wizard, Lennox yelled as he began charging up an explosive blast.

Derius closed his eyes, both Nickolas and Violet unable to stop him until…

“Flare Blast!”
Percy came back wearing the magic-protective armour and helmet and blasted Lennox off Derius.

Violet quickly helped Derius off the floor and the three alchemists ran out the building as Percy and Lennox both went to the middle of the room apart from eachother.

Lennox quietly growled.

“Bring it on!”
Percy yelled, shooting a flare blast at the Dark Wizard.

The blast hit Lennox, sending him backwards and lightly burning his shirt.

“Explosive Barrage!”
Lennox send a dozen explosive blasts at Percy, he tried to evade them all but would be damaged by the last two.

Percy howled in pain as the blast damaged the side of the left chest, the suit just barely saving him from organ-damage, however, blood slowly oozed out of the wound.

Lennox slowly approached the injured Percy, picking out a sharp, broken potion bottle off the floor and walked towards him.

Lennox then sprinted towards Percy holding the sharp weapon, Percy held his wound and got back up, ignoring the aching pain.

“Flare Leap!”
Percy jumped over the Dark Wizard, evading his attack while Lennox bumped into a window.

“Flare Blast!”
Percy then blasted Lennox with a flare blast while in the air, shooting him out the of the window and falling down the tall building.

Percy fell onto the floor, more blood continuing to seep out of his wounds.

He slowly crawled towards the healing potions, however, he eventually stopped moving before he could heal in time.

-Outside of the Alchemist Headquarters-

Lennox landed infront of the headquarters, where Amy was about to enter the building.

“Oh my…are you okay sir?”
Amy gasped as she slowly approached the man.

Lennox’s eyes glowed a bright yellow as he looked at Amy.

“Over here, Lenny!”
Nickolas grabbed the attention of Lennox alongside Derius and Violet.

“Your precious failure of an experiment won’t be able to save you now!”
Lennox roared.

Derius slowly approached Lennox, lifting up his sleeves, for some reason, he wasn’t afraid of him.

“…Heh…HAHAHAH, what are you going to do? Blast me with magic you weak, powerless human?!”

All of a sudden, a fully healed Percy leaped out from the window; his fist fully charged with flare magic directed at Lennox as he fell down towards the Dark Wizard.

“Ah there he is…”
Derius threw a potion of Strength at Percy while in the air, further increasing the damage of his attacks.

“Wait…that’s impossible! You should have died!”
Lennox tried blasting Percy as fast as he could, but he was too slow.

Percy landed a heavy, aerial punch into Lennox’s jaw, knocking him out cold as he fell onto the floor, the glowing magic from his eyes fading away.

Percy landed over the knocked out Dark Wizard as Amy stood infront of him, luckily, the helmet hid his identity from her.

“Who…who are you?”
Amy questioned the man who wore red-colored Armour.

“…The Firefist!"
Percy spoke.

A moment of awkward silence followed by the ridiculous name.

“Uhh, you can just call me Flare i guess.”
Percy smiled at Amy.

Percy turned around to see Derius, Violet and Nickolas all smiling in pride as Percy’s journey had only begun as a hero of Magius.

-The End-

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