The Forms of Magius (Arcane April, Day 6)

The standard form
Oh so common,
Often used by those who are broke
Like me, your good friend Robin

The boss form
Valiant and imposing,
Except you act like shit
And you could use a good hosing

The muscles form
Do these even fucking exist?
No, seriously, I have never seen someone with the muscles gamepass
Like, I even stopped trying to rhyme or make sense, seriously, does ANYONE HAVE-

You know what? Fuck it. it’s been a rough day and I really have no ideas for this day’s topic
If you use the cute animation pack, you are horny, that is fact
If you use the coward animation pack, you like to have a laugh at your character’s bumbling
There, that’s the poem


holy shit you did it

I did.

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misread it as forums

Always a possibility