The forums non ironically better then reddit, change my mind


Listen, idk what goes on in the Reddit, but…

Out posters are anything but noble.

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both are bad imo all hail clan circus
at least there isnt an art section with 50 posts a day of “iris gyatt”

You mean on the Reddit?

i dont go on the reddit. all i know is a place with pve demons = bad place. thats why i dont talk in vetcord. pve bullshit rots my brain

guys am i a noble poster :blush:

No way this got on here :sob:


the only thing here that I would like to argue against is @realisticbanana’s ban. When he came back, someone was mass reporting his messages (most of the things he said were really mundane and I honestly find his ban extremely stupid) We still don’t know who was mass reporting banana, it was definitely targeted behaviour tho and me and several others think banana deserved better.

that bounty lookin real nice. its good to know your kind doesnt fight back so that kill will be easy.

bro acting like AO is real life and its the year 2000 AD where tribes still exist


shadow my boy, why did they had to make u edgy, they didnt even make u edgy in the right way, they made u in the cringe way

Man there’s no way they banned him again
What did my man do

Nothing, really.

Whoopsies :>

My man’s edge alone grants him at least 10 passive Drawback. :sob:

you’re only proving them right lol.


“your kind”

talking as if pvers are some scums that you assault on a daily basis does not help you put up a good public image, that’s all I’m gonna say for now since I’m kinda tired and I don’t have the energy to write my usual paragraphs about why you suck as a human being

no way you’re actually fucking serious about this
you know what why not, let’s do it a little different today

alright then sir “IHaveNoName”, since you’re so persistent on getting your virtual number validation and are willing to sacrifice your public image for some anime villain lines, why don’t you tell us about your wonderful journeys across the war seas where you beat the braindead pve demons and rule over the seas as a dark and evil monarch.
I’m allll ears