The game is not worth playing right now. [Rant]

Now before every vetex cult member comes here and tryna argue why 30 hours of grinding for that one item you need its fun, let me explain:

The game has become so damn stale that even the storyline update doesn’t do much justice. Its all just grinding. Go kill someone for a quest, get crowns, fish for more crowns, upgrade that shit, try to enchant it (OOPS WRONG ENCHANT) do it again then. Not to mention you gotta walk like 1-2 km sometimes. Its literally just not fun. Why do you think the game gets less and less players after each update? Sure it gets that burst (cuz why tf not its a new update ofc everyone gonna check it) but after a week or two at max it goes back to barely 500 hundred players if not lower. Now hear me out. I am not saying this game is bad. By any means, this game is fucking great for roblox. Like in a year this will be a genuinely good experience. But for now what’s the point in doing the same damn shit so you can wait another 2 months for the poo poo pee pee update that brings about 2 hours of new content (including the walking and grinding). Thats why this game is really hard to introduce people to. Sure it’s fun for the first hours or so. Sike maybe even a day worth of playing. But after that? No. Honestly people should start playing when level 200 cap update will be introduced and what vetex should do is pull another ‘‘Grand Reopening’’ AA style type of branding which will bring a large amount of players with enough content to keep them going. ‘‘But we have to play the game so vetex knows what bugs should be fixed.’’ Sure…? I mean there are already game testers so i dont see the point of that.

Look, I am not saying this game is not being developed right or some shit. It has a very good pace of updates though the fact that vetex doesn’t really listen to most criticism is quite sad. What I am saying is that i am kinda sick of hearing vetex simps whine on forums and on discord about ‘‘why players no longer play grind 30 hours simulator’’ when there is literally nothing to do after a few hours. If I were in your place, I would probably leave this game (for atleast a couple of months and see what shit is being added) AND THEN start a new file. And start from 0. Atleast there will be enough content to let you have some fun till that level cap. Lets be honest after level 30 before the storyline update there was literally nothing to do except grind for gear and magic moves. The storyline update while it adds shit (though its just a prologue so we cant expect much) it still becomes stale real quick. So find other games. Give your support to vetex if you can and stop whining about why this game playerbase rises and lowers like the stock market when we both know why.
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Didn’t even read but by the title i agree the game gets boring fast. When arcane was a thing, the game never got boring and for so much reasons.

Thank you for giving an actual rant instead of just “tHis GAme SuckS” and leaving it at that. While I don’t agree with everything you said, I see your viewpoint and I agree that the game’s current state is dry. However. Your rant only proves something that I think also has to do with the playercount. There is a completely different generation of players on roblox rn. Let me elaborate. When AA released, it had literally nothing. In terms of content, it was worse than the state of WOM. Two islands, two quests, and a level cap of 10. Yet the players thoroughly enjoyed it. Me included. And I’m wondering why? AA stems from a different era of roblox, like 2016-17ish. Most of those roblox players have moved on. Now with world of magic 3-4 years later, it releases and it…isn’t recieved well. Why? We have smart npc’s, more than 3 times the magics of AA, A working police system (fuck the AG), level cap of 60. So why?, why wasn’t it recieved well? Was arcane really “better” at all? It also had fetch and kill quests too (which was the majority of the story), dumb npcs (compared to wom), that dumbass kill 200 gunslingers quests + alot of grinding (sunken champion rates are worse than WoM sunken). I don’t understand…

He does. “Game bad pls fix” is not criticism. The rant you just posted is criticism. Most of the criticism he recieves is “Game bad you suck smh”.

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Thank you for replying in an actual good fashion. So I had played Arcane Adventures. I think I started some time before the Grand Reopening stunt so I can’t exactly say why people were a lot more excited before. Though I can somewhat guess why. A few years ago, expectations werent as high as there are now. Just the fact that you could travel by sea a big ass map was a pretty good selling point (AND HONESTLY I STILL THINK IT IS). The fact that you could sail on the sea, being a wizard and visiting big or small islands is a lot more fun than just travelling this big ass continent that is just trees and stones and some bandit camps with some towns there and there. The reason the sea map seemed so much diverse was because since most of the map was literally just water, vetex could’ve focused more on the islands. And you can’t expect much shit from just the sea. Thats why in that regard people didn’t expect this really fucking detailed map. Though even so, the sharks, the fishing, the vortex, the bosses and all that random shit plus the storms made the sea more interesting than people even wanted. So why was WoM received badly? Well honestly from what i’ve seen most received it nicely. The ones that received badly were the most vocal ones. Sure, WoM has a lot more mechanics (though its obvs it would have more mechanics, 2016 roblox is quite different from 2020 roblox). If it had the same mechanics as AA, it wouldn’t have got far. What I am saying though is that AA had a much better mood and it seemed much open just because of that whole islands/seas and bosses and wars on the sea and all that shit it seemed like a genuine open world. While in WoM’s case while it does seem like an open world, for now its just feel pretty damn empty. Even the towns for some reason feel empty though thats probably because the towns are not as diverse as they were in AA.
TL;DR AA was received much better and people enjoyed much better at the beginning because of the expectations back then which were lower and the fact that the world seemed much more diverse.

That and the fact that a wizard sailing will always be more fun or at least more interesting than ‘‘ooo big content wizards haha’’. Though thats just how I see it.


Also vetex does ignore a lot of criticism regarding balancing and shit. Though I can’t exactly blame him (and thats why most people dont blame him) because after all he has a lot of work/shit to do so he cant just listen to everyone.

ngl he’s actually been listening to critism a ton more than he used to, he just added the enchant scrolls idea to trello after the community critisized the current enchant system and him saying “there will never be disenchanting or re-enchanting”

He did?! Victory Royale!

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There is a good reason for that, you see one thing that can make a game fun, is obstacle, AA had a lot of obstacles example: when you sail to an island you can be eaten by a flying shark, attacked by pirates or kraken, a tornado sucking you up, and you have to constantly repair your ship because of the waves, and that is what made AA not so boring it’s the obstacle. You have to go through challenges when your going to different islands. Sadly world of magic does not have that you can go easily to location to location with no troubles so it makes the game less challenging and so boring.

Exploring the seas in AA was much more fun than running around to complete small tasks, which is essentialy all WoM is atm.
The only reason I play is for reaching the new max lvl, so yeah giving the game some time is a good idea.
I def agree with you

Point taken, the kraken was nightmare fuel if you were under lvl 100. This problem is solved (to an extent) if you’re a villian though, the MC is always on top of you (I got flanked one time on my villian file, barely escaped)

Bigass red shark too lol.

lol no joke, was he even killable i never tried to kill him in AA

Yeah. He was fun to fight against till you reached about level 200, which after that he became either a grind for kraken band or that one damn guy who will destroy your ship while you are being chased by 10 ag ships for -300 elo. Still a lot of fun.

Cant even play the game right now since i wanna start from 0 again but the files i delete/make appear in other regions and in others don’t and its a clusterfuck.

just take a break until he adds more content, simple.

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So uh…what I was saying basically.

looking at everyone statement on why AA was recieved better than WoM at start is a valid point

I only can play the remake sadly and wished I joined roblox earlier and play AA blindly with other player’s

this game sadly don’t have much replayable content other than cheesing boss or destroying town, and running around looking for quest for now but even if it’s sometimes fun it will be boring the more you played the game and expect everything to happened

There are reasons why wom isn’t received overwhelmingly well, everyone probably has different reasons why they didn’t think the game was like super awesome or anything at the moment

If you were to ask for my reasons I’d say…the combat feels turns based to me and I don’t want to walk 2 kilometers just to one shot an npc and then have to walk all the damn way back on foot just to get 20 crowns and like 3000 xp that I can’t even use because I’m already on the lvl cap.

i really don’t get why people complain so much about walking around, and we had the same type of quests in AA, go from point A to point B and kill X, then return, the only difference is that we had a blue empty space between islands that inflated the size of the map, requiring the use of boats that were pretty fast, but again, we are going to unlock mobility moves later on, and do not forget that agility armor exists

I use an agility set for that reason. Makes transportation less of a bore for me. If there’s one upside to having a continent rather than a sea, I can get distracted by any ruins I discover and what-not.