The Grand Navy's budget

Think about this for a second, we know the Grand Navy operates in several seas…
But just with the Bronze Sea alone, we can tell that something’s up.

Considering all the patrols they send out and the units specifically sent out to catch criminals, how much ships cost, how much weapons cost ( according to ingame galleon values… ), how much repairs cost…

And the fact we currently have no real idea of their revenue source…
Would it be farfetched to say that the Grand Navy operates at an indefinite loss?

I know, we don’t have much information right now but it seems like it’d cost a lot.

I would kinda assume they keep whatever treasure they get from arresting pirates and Syndicate members. So putting out more patrols would mean more chances of finding pirates so they can not go bankrupt.

Well, it’s not farfetched to assume the Grand Navy is behind the bounty boards… and the payments you get by securing bounties too.

Actually, do we know who’s behind the Agora? Is it still the Grand Navy? Cos that would make sense that they decide the bounties via the news on the agora. The way they make money from the bounty board is probs just keeping the difference between the money bounty hunters receive from hunts and pirates lose from hunts.

The Navy is basically the IRS, hence why they never run out of money

We never see them tax anyone though.

Idk for AO since i never do villain rep, but in wom the magic council fined you for stealing id you werent bad rep, so I assume the Grand Navy does a similar thing?

They… don’t.

Fair enough then. I havent made a villain rep file in AO so i dont know lol. Eh either way GN probs just prints off money to cover their expenses.

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…doesn’t that cause inflation?

Usually only with excessive amounts of it yes, but given we know they arent the most righteous organisation, i wouldnt put it past them.

one of the founders just has the gold curse and produces infinite amounts of money

Wouldn’t that also cause inflation?

not if you make so many gold magic coins that everyone has them
you could just make a few coins disappear from everyone’s pockets (because you made them using your curse, so you can still control them), thus making everyone else poorer while still keeping the same amount of money at the same value. (also why banks don’t exist)

basically stealing, but more magical

Play until you realize that the price of all objects will be higher next update because of the Navy

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but completely seriously,
island probably pay the navy for protection, and that’s how they get most of their money.
probably also a part of a pirate’s treasure if they capture them, but mostly from protection.

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Has this been mentioned anywhere?

Its probably just a form of tax in the war seas, unless the kingdom itself is powerful enough to not need the grand navy’s help when in trouble.


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