The King of the Underworld

Welcome to Hades

Do you guys know how Hades has been controlling and manipulating Durza to test pure dark magic? Yeah, it’s not really appealing but here he is! Considering he was controlling Durza in the first place, he was indirectly controlling these 3 gods I’m hoping you guys know. To answer why I didn’t draw Durza instead? because ngl he kinda boring lmao (exaggerating) and I designed multiple Greek Gods for Arcane

“Hades is a pretty cool dude! and as King of the Underworld, his divine domain is nothing to sneeze at - as firstborn son of Kronos, the world was his by birthright. And even if there’s a bit of a delay, everyone becomes his subject eventually”
-Red from Overly Sarcastic Productions

Here are some designs I’ll show but it’s not everything I did since I don’t wanna show em


Hades and Persephone (and baby Cerberus)

Aphrodite lmao

Extra Doodles

Remember the Grand Fire Curse Users I drew? yeah here they are again in TArrow’s Man

Please retcon Bad Guy Hades in Arcane Vetex its never too late

Anyways, Have a Happy New Year and we shall play Arcane Odyssey when it comes out


But he is one of the most Chill greek gods, ironically

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Ayyyy let’s goooo this looks dope, I love seeing designs for the gods. Honestly really glad you also did sketches for some other gods/greek figures, I hope AO expands on the pantheon and that time period

Man I feel this too hard, I would’ve loved it Hades was actually a chill guy who was annoyed with Durza cause his dead revival magic was screwing up the order of the underworld. Plus all the apocalypses that killed tons of people at once (partially thanks to Durza again) could’ve screwed the underworld up even more with the sheer number of souls. And that’s why he teaches the PK how to destroy curses - to prevent more BS like that from happening and thus sparing himself the work

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Maybe I shouldn’t have just revealed Aphrodite lol

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you have more designs hidden?


nah I kid, feel free to show em whenever if at all

Holy shit baby Cerberus is so cute

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It reminded me of the scaramouche scaramouche will you do the fandango

Very very frightening indeed

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i like greek mythology so this is good