The Memories of Rupin

Loyalty was Rupin’s best and worst trait. It was the beginning of his days as the Flame Guardian, and his days as the Crimson Demon.

As a guardian of the Fire Curse, everyone who hoped to obtain it would agree that he was a stubborn one. Even if you only stole a glance at the curse, he wouldn’t hesitate to burn you alive—even if that was a rumor, it wasn’t too far from the truth.

He was destined to guard this curse, after all—to the point it was the only thing that kept him awake each day, just to continue his duty. Even if his loyalty was as strong as ever, his patience had gotten weaker. With his stronger defenses, they were followed by stronger opponents—to the point his mind was swayed by all the battles.

But he must never lose his purpose to guard the Fire Curse—that was his fate, and his only reason to live. He couldn’t let anyone else hold this power.

And so, Rupin decided to become the one with the Fire Curse, believing it was the best way to protect the flames. But little had he known, the curse’s powers were beyond young Rupin’s comprehension—as the flames consumed his senses. His mind, his soul, and his body—were all set ablaze.

Once he became the flame itself, his only purpose was to live like one—and burn.

At this moment, he was as free as a man could be. In his eyes, there was only the desire to burn everything down, even laws, morals, fate—everything that held him back.

Just like fire—as long as he was still breathing, as long as his flames burned, and as long as the world continued to exist—to burn forever was his destiny.

Writer's Notes

it’s me, ya boy bnt

i’ve had this rupin story thingy sitting on my notes for a while, and i’m bored today, so i cleaned the story a bit and posted it here

yeah it’s basically rupin’s story but with two shots of my interpretation.

i didn’t really think “hmm. how would randal write” since this is just “rupin but it’s my turn to write him”

finally. i’ve posted some writing stuff that isn’t average day in magius



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“to burn forever was his destiny.”
what a raw line



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This is amazing i like this

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Dang, I love this!

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sick writing btw

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