The Odyssey Feed ~ Issue #1

The Odyssey Feed

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Trello News

New! Vetex has announced, both on his twitter and trello the details for the new climbing system! What was supposed to be a small stamina fix on climbing has turned into a full-blown new climbing experience!

Screenshot 2020-11-26 at 3.14.23 PM

Maybe an indirect water buff, says @Birbo on my topic giving lots of poggers emojis on the new climbing experience :eyes:. Here’s some links showing you the incredible work Vetex has put into the new system!

So, what else do we have for this week? In a turn of events that shocked many players, Vetex has removed the stamina cost for running!

“This was done because stamina draining while running was not good for gameplay, and only remained in the game as an immersive feature.”

How will this affect pvp and running from battle? Only time will tell!

Vetex also fixed some issues with climbing around the new trees, which looked great when displayed on his twitter page. Wishing him best of luck! He’s also put videos on his twitter page about the new rain effects, trees, and… Maybe slopes? We’ll look out for when he announces more! :nod:


Forum Topics of the Week

Here’s a big one that’s spread like wildfire! @ThatAsianInTheCorner is spreading early christmas cheer by putting christmas hats on everyone’s profiles. Other people have started opening up topics doing this too! Bet they’re tired after all that editing… :sleeper:

A suggestion made this list, being @anon85429269’s suggestion on fireflies! Polar definitely got a vote from me, this would look beautiful and help to signify islands! He even suggested firefly clusters around treasure areas, which would be incredible. Immersion!

Last but not least, the sequel to Insult the person’s PFP Above you, but this time much more positive, as it’s focused on compliments instead! This one was fun for me to participate in, but got a little weird… Anyways this spread positivity across the forums and definitely deserves a spot on this list. This topic was made by @Cat_Bread!


Funniest Forum Comment of the Week

Please note that this is an opinion and that many comments may have been missed.

Little bit of a dark sense of humor there, @Pedro! Anyways, this made me laugh pretty hard, even if it is a bit nasty. Hope no vsco girls are offended!


Here’s Some Art or Writing You Should See!


It’s going to be some amazing art this week with @BNTarwan! In this piece of art, King David Silver… Breakdances! I especially liked the front of his cape, it’s texture, and the flames in the background. Incredible job, and he looks good with one of TAITC’s Santa hats, too!

Flame Breakdance! :fire_magic:

Even though it was now technically published last week, it still deserves this spot!


Happy Thanksgiving! :turkey:

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of The Odyssey Feed!


some good fucking news

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I’m glad you liked it

A few problems I ran into were asking BNTarwan if I could actually put a picture of his art, I decided not to since he wasn’t online and I wanted to publish the news

also can you talk about the blue forum thing that is happening right now in the next issue

Epic start to an epic newspaper

o shit some actual news wtf

Possibly, i’m quite sure that’s just forum mods changing the layout colors tho. Will put that in the next issue however.

Released breaing news

i made it on


Ayyy this is actually pretty damn rad.

Thank you, working on the next issue as we speak. I have to wait for 3 controversial topics to come up tho, so i’m not going to finish it today obviously. Plus waiting for vetex to put more stuff on the trello will clearly take the week for lots of content.

Hmmmmm ok.

soooo Morden got leaked,
that could be something added in the next issue.

I mean all we know now is that he has black hair and brown clothes
and all of us already thought he’d have black hair anyways

Really? I didn’t know that happened.

Here’s a link to the post:

That’s going on the second issue for sure, lol.

when can i get into le writing section I have been writing series for a month now pls pls pls

What good writing do you have this week? It only includes writing released in that specific week and we’re not even on our second issue. Sorry if I don’t see everything, lol