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This issue of Odyssey Feed was published on Wednesday, May 26, 2021. (US).


Music You Should Hear!

Cloud 9
By Itro & Tobu



Trello News!

It’s that time again… Another anchor of Odyssey Feed! This week, having been freed from the Weapons Revamp, we will have a lot more cool news to cover! It was amazing, but we’ve got some amazing things ahead of us!

And Vetex has been blazing through these changes…

First of all, the Info UI! Though we have no leaks yet, it was finished quite quickly. Along with it in version 1.5.92 was the moving of the “Magic” page where you create your spells to your info UI. Interesting. :nod:

Aaand, he’s already onto dodging. My man’s speedrunning. :running_man::dash:

Screenshot 2021-05-25 at 5.31.20 PM

And it’s been done. Even better, each animation pack has a different dodging animation!

Each dodge takes 10%, lower than the around 25% it takes in Arcane Reborn. This allows for much more mobility in combat, especially that with weapons (And the upcoming fighting). :nod:

Dodging will be performed by either double tapping a movement key, or trying to move while charging your magic energy. There’s also a setting that lets you tweak around with these keybinds.

Here’s a few quotes from @Inferno about the weapons revamp.

There was also a possible fix with the inconsistency of hitstun.

New leak on Vetex’s twitter! Less gooo!

AO Leak

This shows the models of all the bottom tier weapons in the game. No scythe for me I guess, but this is a huge step into seeing AO’s potential! :poggers2: Personally, i’m super into the greatsword, greataxe, and staff. They look so sick!

Prodigy was also renamed to Savant. :thinking:

Vetex has decided to also push back the Weapons Skills until after the Frostmill story. Not complaining here! Gimme that new major island! :hungry:

And he’s already onto the Stat Build system! Let’s see what he’s up to.

Screenshot 2021-05-26 at 1.57.28 PM

That notification will definitely make things more convenient, as well as the purple icon. Gonna be great! And it seems that your stat points will be accessed through the Info UI!

He’s also started to work on the vitality stat, which will give you +4 max health for each point you invest! :mariomug:


Topic You Should See!

“Weapon of Choice?”
By @LichdaDerp

With this hot new leak going around, which of the weapons do you prefer? This is what Licha asks in their topic with over 70 replies. While most people replied “G U N” , others had some really cool choices. Guns are still cool though :sunglasses:!

Weapon of Choice?


Art of the Week!

Hallway Collab

“The Hallway Collab”

Welcome to the 6th Major Artist collaboration on the forum. This one is a hallway, with a whopping 20 artists! It depicts all these artist’s characters! And did you see the amogus on the wall? Sus! But what else is sus? The lack of attention this is getting! So go give it some likes for their hard work!

6th Artist Collaboration: The Hallway Collab


Writing of the Week!

“The Devil’s Swordsman | Part Five”
By @StarForDays

There wasn’t too much writing to choose from this time. I’ve featured these artists in the last two anchors, so here’s The Devil’s Swordsman, Part 5, but StarsForDays! Who’s that mysterious figure? Filled with dialogue and breathtaking combat, it’s a quite good read!

The Devil’s Swordsman | Part 5


Here’s a Puzzle For You…

Last time’s Riddle Solver is @GlitchingEclipse ! Congratulations for being the first to crack it!

The answer was… ”Glow Squid”!

This Issue’s Riddle is…

”Planet 6”


First to message or ping me with the answer will get a shoutout next time I publish!


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Thanks for reading this Anchor of… The Odyssey Feed!



i thought you’d be disappointed about vitality lol

I did!

didn’t read to the bottom lol

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I am, but it’s still the start of the stats system, which itself is awesome


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Yes. :nod:

Finally, I released an anchor within my supposed timeframe of release

Sorry for so many late issues in the past

I might do some more design changes, surrounded around the music section

It’s hard living on saturn cuz the ring around sends ice into my dorm every now and then

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Instant like


I think the riddle answer is saturn!!! Oh wait it’s been already said :point_right::point_left:

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This man :sleeper:

CrimsonExiled never stood a chance

Anyway I have a random AA idea trello now so yæy

is the riddle answer “Saturn”

also I love these btw, you put a lot of time and effort into them and it def pays off.

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Yep, dominus got it first tho :frcryin:

Simply reaction time. I can memorize a couple things

Anyway I said it before already but I made a post for it here I made a trello for random AA like ideas

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