this is mid as hell…

MY EYES(complete sentence)

shield got literally nothing, bow and rifle too, none of my weapon files are changing at all

is this actually real?

Shield users stay losing

Honestly not sure on what other skills the Bow could’ve gotten, although I will forever stand by the opinion that Muskets/Rifles could’ve easily used Knocking Blitz and Piercing Gale.


piercing shot, it was even one of the examples vetex used when talking about this feature

I’m still mad that there’s abilities that we could use that aren’t in the game

teehee me like line

hey at least I can throw my triasta

Dumb question, but why are Rain of Arrows and Storm of Arrows separated? Aren’t they the same attack outside of the name?

storm of arrows fires more arrows than rain of arrows and i think it has a larger size

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SoA is a slightly stronger variant of RoA, mostly the same though

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this is disappointing

Nothing changes about claws

i agree :fr:

so ur telling me that weapons like: staff, katanas, dual blades, blunt, axes, polearm, shield

dont get spiraling furry? why? it makes so much sense, and there are other examples as well, this seems so limited for nothing

here are some more examples of weapons that dont get a skill despite making sense to have it

polearm throw: Bladed, katana, heavy bladed, heavy cleaver, shield

beast instinct: bladed, light bladed, axe, dual bladed, heavy bladed, heavy cleaver, katana,

or shields or rapiers or rifles

Looking over the list most weapon types and their skill sets will remain unaffected by this

Vetex too scared to make all moves apply to all weapons

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i understand not all weapons and all skills because of guns and bows but i really wished most skills applied to most weapons, theres so many that cant use basic skills like flying slash or shining cycle that really wouldnt be that weird, and throwing being so limited is also kinda sad

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ikr, its so weirdly limited, he already haves the animations for the skills so why not just, use them? i understand there is some coding but as far as i see there is the correct projectile visual (imagine ur staff suddenly turning into a spear), the correct animation, the stats of the weapon, what weapon can use what